Inside every evildoer, there’s the soul of a Tzaddik


Every Rasha contains the soul of a Tzaddik

Despite his ongoing health issues, last week saw Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita, make another journey down to Israel’s Southern-most city of Eilat.

As well as making many visits to synagogues and private gatherings in the area, Rav Berland also officiated at the wedding of one of his students in Eilat, who was getting re-married to his ex-wife.

“The Rav did such big miracles with us,” the groom recalled. “Nisei nissim.” (Miracle of miracles).

While he was there, the Rav also gave over a number of Torah lessons, including a brief discussion about why Yael the Kennite cut off the head of Sisera, when he was fleeing from the armies of Devorah HaNavia and Barak, by Kishon Brook.

The Rav explained:

“Yael cut off Sisera’s head. Inside of every rasha (wicked person), there is the neshama, the soul of a Tzaddik.

There is no evildoer that doesn’t contain the neshama of a Tzaddik!

Even the biggest rasha in the world.

This is the light of teshuva that shines within him, from this Tzaddik’s neshama.

[Sisera contained] The soul of Rebbe Meir [Baal HaNess], of Rabbi Akiva, Rabban Gamliel, Rabbi Ishmael the Kohen HaGadol.

A person comes to this world to be the Kohen HaGadol.

“Yael was a woman, yet she was transformed into the Kohen HaGadol.”

You can see a clip of Rav Berland’s most recent trip to Eilat, below, including where he speaks of the importance of guarding the eyes at all times, and in all locations, and also where he gives over the shiur referenced above (starts around 4:30 minutes):

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