Interview with Rav Berlands attorney about the plea bargain “Until he gets a chance to prove his innocence he can sit 1 1/2 to 2 years in prison”

Attorney Ephraim Dimri speaking to Rav Berlands gabai at court

Interview with Attorney Ephraim Dimri.

One of three important interviews from the Attorneys of Rav Berland explaining the plea bargain, what it means, and how it came about.

Interviewer: 6:00pm Thursday evening we have with us on the line the head of the attorneys representing Rav Berland, Attorney Ephraim Dimri, how are you doing today?


Dimri: I’m doing great boruch Hashem, we are close to the geula like the Rav says, we are close to good days, I have very good news to tell you.


Rav Berland accepted this decision in order to end all of the legal circling which has been going on around him. Because right now, until he gets a chance to prove his innocence he can sit 1 1/2 to 2 years in prison. In other words, even if the Rav is found to be completely innocent we have not attained anything, since he has already sat in prison. I strongly believe that the Rav is completely innocent, but sometimes we need to do what Chazal our Sages say “It’s better to be smart than to be correct.” We need to act according to the reality which we find ourselves, and the reality is to free Rav Berland ASAP something which I believe will happen soon.

Interviewer: Can you tell us how long ago did you enter this case?

Dimri: Before the Chagim holidays I sat with him, I was extremely impressed with him, I personally call him an angel, he simply has awesome spiritual powers. He’s an amazing person, there is no one like this, really, I have merited representing many big rabonim and mekubalim Rabbi’s and Kabbalists in my career but someone like Rav Eliezer Berland, I dont think there is anything like this. In my opinion he is One in the Generation.

Attorney Ephraim Dimri at court today
Attorney Ephraim Dimri speaking to Rav Berlands gabai at court today

I was impressed with the Rav, I sat with him a lot, but I was told that I need to wait patiently because there are other attorneys handling the case. About a week and a half ago the Rav calls me and invites me to come, in that meeting I fell in love with this true tzaddik, a true person. From there it was history, and we went on from there, and I hope that it is all behind us now, and the Rav will return to lead his community in greatness. You have a brilliant Gaon genius as a rav, you have a Rav – (corrects himself) sorry, not you we do, I turned myself into a chassid follower of the Rav, I consider the Rav my Rav now – We have a Rav who is unique in the generation, a Gaon genius of the generation, there is nothing like it. An amazing person, and he deserves that this whole craziness will end, within a few months he will get out and return home to his kehilla community to continue to spread Torah, bring people to teshuva, to bring the redemption close…

Interviewer: Can you tell us a little bit about the plea bargain? We are told that they are asking for 18 months is that true?

Dimri: We reached an agreement of 18 months, we can easily assume that one third will be subtracted from it, they will also deduct yamim minhalim the time he already spent in prison, so we are looking at from adar to nissan (March – April) the Rav will already be together with all of us.

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Interviewer: Can you tell us the nice story that you told us at the tent outside the prison?

Dimri: This personal story I can tell you. I met the Rav 10 days ago, I felt that this is a holy tzaddik, I should purify myself by toveling immerse in the mikvah, but I went and toveled in the Kineret instead. When I went in to the Rav he looks at me and says, ‘you toveled in the Kinneret, right?’ I was shocked how did he know?! He says ‘I see the angels accompanying you, they are surrounding you’. He then wrote down all the angels names, and he simply spoke to them in front of me, he is on a tremendously great spiritual level, he wrote the names of the angels on a paper and he sat and sang to the angels, he says to me “Attorney, look the angels are dancing” but I wasn’t able to see, I don’t have the spiritually elevated eyes of the Rav, but I definitely felt it. He sang to them and he said to me the angels are happy and dancing, and I surely felt it…

Interviewer: You also told us how saw the mathematical equations in the Torah learning that the Rav did in front of you?

Dimri: The Rav is a gaon, simply, his mind cannot be grasped among mankind, the notarikon calculations which he spontaneously did, the gematriot, things that can’t be comprehended, multiplying, dividing, large numbers, and everything is precisely correct to the last decimal.

Shabbat Shalom to you all.


(G-d willing, we will put up the next two interviews which deal more with the legal aspects of the plea bargain, and how it came about through the work of Gedolei Yisroel.)

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