It’s possible to cancel the decrees of the rockets!


The Decree of the Rockets Can Be Cancelled!

Excerpt of a shiur given by Rabbi Eliezer Berland on the 14th of Cheshvan, 5780, at Chatzot, Part 2.

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The whole inyan (matter) is Vayera, Vayera, Vayera (And he saw), the first time he saw, and the second time he saw, “And he saw, and he ran towards them.” David was included amongst the Patriarchs twice, he became the ‘fourth leg’, because all David received was insults, all through his life.

The Rebbe said “I need to have machloket (harsh opposition)”- at each and every step.

The whole spiritual work of a person is just to be insulted, this is all the work. All the Gemara learning, it’s just in order that he will have the intellect required to properly receive insults. A person who doesn’t learn Gemara can’t receive insults properly. This type of intelligence only comes from learning Gemara.

There is nothing else that gives a person true intellect, except learning Gemara.

Afterwards, he’ll learn some Ketzot HaChoshen, some Netivot HaMishpat….


….And then, ‘For My House will be a House of Prayer for all the nations’.

Shuvu Banim is “My House will be a House of Prayer for all the nations.” In another little while, there will be a building with 100,000 places here, “My House will be a House of Prayer for all of the nations.”

In Uman, there will be a million places, “For I am prayer”. David, he was only prayer. A person’s spiritual work is only prayer, this is a person’s work – “For I am prayer”. David was totally prayer, so when chatzot (halachic midnight) arrived, the kinnor (harp) would start playing by itself.[1]

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[David] built the foundations, he built the Western Wall. It’s impossible to destroy the Western Wall, because David built it. He build the foundations.


Hashem said to him, “For a day in your courtyard is better, I have chosen it from a thousand” (Tehilim 84:11).

Rashi says that a single hour with David was better than a thousand elevation offerings sacrificed by King Shlomo. One hour with the Tzaddik is better than a thousand days by a different tzaddik. That’s what’s written here in Tehillim 84, “For a day in your courtyard is better, I have chosen it from a thousand.”

It’s written, “Because a sun and a shield” – because the Tzaddik is called ‘sun’.

Whoever comes close to the Tzaddik will never become angry. A person who comes to the Tzaddik, he can never become angered. “Hashem, Elokim, grace and honor he will give. Hashem will not withhold good to those who walk with simplicity.” (Tehillim 84:12).

Fundamentally, a person needs to believe in the Tzaddik.


“Praiseworthy are the ones who walk with simplicity” (Tehillim 119:1).

When a person believes in the Tzaddik, then he is called “praiseworthy are the ones who walk with simplicity.” Because a person needs to walk on his hands and feet for a thousand years, in the hopes of maybe finding the True Tzaddik for even a single second.

And then, all of his prayers will ascend. Without the Tzaddik, no prayer can ascend.

If a person doesn’t believe the Tzaddik, there is no ascent for his prayers. If a person doesn’t know who the Tzaddik is, none of his prayers can ascend. Everything he prays about, it’s left in some room until he knows about the Tzaddik.

It’s worthwhile to walk thousands of kilometres on foot, in order to pray with the Tzaddik, in order to pray even just one word. And even more so, when it’s possible to pray every moment, every minute, every hour….


The dreidel is linked to redemption

…”You redeemed the tribe of Your inheritance.” Rabbenu (Rebbe Nachman) says that the first letters of this [in Hebrew], Galta Shevet Nahalat Har (Tzion) are Gimel, Shin, Nun and Hei – the letters written on the four sides of the dreidel.

This is nes gadol hayah sham (a great miracle occurred there).

But now, the Zionists changed it to a Pey.

(The Shin on the dreidel stands for sham – ‘there’, i.e. Eretz Yisrael.  Jewish communities in the diaspora still have driedels with the letter Shin, but when the secular Zionists created the State of Israel, they decreed that the ‘Shin’ should be switched to a Pey – which stand for po, here. I.e., that the great miracle happened here, in Eretz Yisrael.)

We must change it back to Shin, because great secrets are bound up with this!

This is related to the verse, “You have redeemed the tribe of Your inheritance, this mountain of Tzion You have dwelled within it.”

Because through [spinning] the dreidel, the Beit HaMikdash will be built.

Because when we spin the driedel, we spin the letters Gimmel, Shin, Nun and Hey around, and by way of this, Mount Tzion will be rebuilt – only by way of the driedel. We need to spin the dreidel every day, we need to be spinning the driedel every moment, every second.


Today, we are already at the 15th of Cheshvan, exactly.

In another 40 days, (on the 25th of Kislev) we’ll start spinning the driedel. And these are exactly the letters, and this is the chiddush (novel Torah insight) of Rabbenu. No-one else revealed this….

And today, the 15th of Cheshvan, Hevel was born….The 15th of Cheshvan is 50 days before Zot Chanuka (the last night of Chanuka). From Zot Chanuka until the Fast of the 10th of Tevet is seven days.

The Prophet Yehezkel prophesized on the 10th of Tevet: “And it was the word of God to me, on the 9th year, on the 10th month, on the 10th of the month, to say: Son of man, write for yourself the name of the day, on this same day, the King of Bavel approached Jerusalem on this very day.” (Yehezkel 24:1-2).

The whole matter is to get to the 10th of Tevet, ‘Mount Tzion’, all the work is to get to “Mount Tzion, You dwelled in it.” All the work is to rebuild Mount Tzion.

And so, Rehavam said ‘scorpions’.[2] Because in the month of Scorpio, Mount Tzion will be rebuilt. So all the spiritual work of a person is to get to the month of Cheshvan….

Whoever merits to get to the month of Scorpions, he can bring the Moshiach, he can bring the geula (redemption).


(These words were delivered just after Rabbi Berland had been speaking in the South of Israel, at a time when rockets were being shot into the area from the Gaza strip.)

Because the truth is, that everything is miracles.

There are no ‘laws of nature’ in the whole world, the nes gadol that we got here. We said that no-one should leave Ashdod. We requested, we pleaded. We are guarding [the area]. Shuvu Banim is responsible for Ashdod, that we should guard over Ashdod with the prayers.

Now, whoever can travel, they should go and toivel there, in the sea.

So we can push off the next rockets for another 10 years, we will delay them more and more.

Because every year, they need a day to fire rockets, because if they don’t, they won’t get their payments from Iran and from America. There are organisations that donate money to them, and it’s impossible to put a stop to this, these are ‘charitable’ organisations, the money is camouflaged with all sorts of pretend things.


The Nazis built in Chile whole munitions factories, in order to build a nuclear bomb.

It was forbidden for the Nazis to have a nuclear ‘core’ (i.e. reactor) that could create a nuclear bomb, so they built it in Chile, in Argentina, in the ‘Land of Fire’. That’s where they built their munitions factories.

The Jews knew about everything, and because the Jews knew about everything, they weren’t able to asset-strip / expand throughout the whole world, because the Jews got into every corner.

And it’s also possible to explode all this for them, because Iran said that in another week, it’s going to launch a nuclear bomb.

In any case, we need to know now that it’s possible to push off the harsh decrees of the next rockets by way of our prayers, and by getting up for chatzot, and by staying awake until 4am – it’s possible to cancel the decree of the rockets!!

There is no decree that can’t be cancelled.

The Gemara says in Tractate Brachot 63 – we learnt this on Monday – that there is no decree in the world that can’t be cancelled. A person needs to know this, so he’ll stay awake for longer at night, and get up for chatzot, and to toivel dafka in the sea – Dafka, to dip in the sea!

And then, he can nullify all the harsh decrees in the world – every gezeira in the world!

And this will be counted in his merit.



[1] See Sanhedrin 16a A heaven-sent wind would blow across the strings of David’s harp each night, to wake him from his sleep in time for chatzot.

[2] The scorpion, or ‘Scorpio’, is the astrological sign associated with the month of Cheshvan.


Self-sacrifice stops the destruction

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  1. Shalom,

    I do not know how to start with one hour daily to spend time with Hashem? I need the correct steps to honor Him. Start with singing first? Or Open the prayer first? Say what? See below the proper steps?

    1. Open prayer or Singing? (What kind of singing?)
    2. Repent
    3. Talk to Him anything?
    4. Singing again before close prayer (What kind of singing?)
    5. Last sentence: In the name of Rav Berland? (let Hashem know that I support Rav Berland)

    Thank you

    • Hi Tom,

      I have a few suggestions:

      1. You could put in your mind that you are worshipping and talking only to HaShem and nothing else.
      2. Then you could repent for every wrong you did not repent previously and especially for the day’s wrongdoings.
      3. You could thank and praise HaShem for all the good and that which seems the opposite of good, which He did for you especially for the day’s things, because HaShem is the only Master of the world, therefore everything is from Him and it is for the best, but we don’t see it, because we don’t see the big picture like Him.
      4. You could pray/beg HaShem for things which are in accordance with the Noachide laws.
      5. If you want to support Rav Eliezer Berland, then you could also pray for his health and success.

  2. Bs”d
    Someone took the Tehilim AIYN DALET to the heart and the first SEVIVON FOR SEGULA FOR GEULAH SHLEIMA as in the advice of Rabeinu Nachman was made! Round with metal marble down to spin looong time on a plate from glas with the 4words of Rabeinu. GEALTA SHEVET NACHALATICHA HAR.
    The peh is BACK TO SHIN.
    As in GEULA SH SHLEMA, as in


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