The Kabbalist Who Warned About The Pandemic

Leading Kabbalist's stark warning that talking against Rav Berland is linked to coronavirus COVID-19. Rabbi Menashe Amon the kabbalist who foresaw the coming of the Coronavirus to Israel gave a stark warning before it hit its shores that if we don't stop speaking against Rabbi Berland catastrophe will come in the form of a pandemic of which there is no cure.

Kabbalist Rabbi Menashe Amon warns that talking against Rabbi Berland can lead to terrible epidemics

About a week ago, over on our Hebrew language sister site at, they shared a video clip of a well-known mekubal (kabbalist) in Israel, Rabbi Menashe Amon, shlita, who came out with some very fiery words about the persecution of Rabbi Eliezer Berland, shlita.

The original video is almost an hour long, so we have decided to translate just the most pertinent parts of Rabbi Amon’s comments, focusing in on the remarks he made linking the Coronavirus outbreak to the persecution and slander of Rabbi Berland.

You can hear the full, unabridged discussion for yourself in the original Hebrew, below:

(Press cc to see English subtitles. If you don’t see subtitles please try back later.)


Ten days before the coronavirus actually hit Israel, we first publicized the words of the holy mekubal Rabbi Menashe Amon, where he said the following:

“What happens [when people start talking against Rav Berland?] Machalat Corona (the Coronavirus). Dear Jews, there is a very hard gezeira (decree), and chas v’shalom that it should not befall Am Yisrael. The Talmud says “Anyone who disgraces a talmid chacham – receives a disease of which there is no cure.”

When Rabbi Amon’s harsh words were first publicized, they left no room for doubt about the immense gravity of the sin of speaking lashon hara against the Tzaddik, Rabbi Berland. Below, we bring a full description of what Rabbi Amon actually said:


“Dear Jews, this is not a simple matter.

Am Yisrael is suffering a lot. It’s assur (forbidden) to speak about any Jew, any member of Am Yisrael, so kal v’homer (an expression found in the Gemara, which means ‘even more so’) it’s assur to speak against rabbis and talmidei chachamim, and kal v’homer, against Tzaddikim.

Anyone who disgraces a talmid chacham, a holy Tzaddik, there is no remedy for his illness. He will go to all the doctors and they won’t find a cure. I don’t need to tell you, you can see what’s going on in the world.

Dear Jews, there is a great injustice happening here, that people don’t know about. We can’t see it, off in the distance, because we don’t have the spiritual eyes required to understand. There is a Rav, and there is a Tzaddik, there are the Lamed Vav Tzaddikim… (the 36 righteous tzaddikim in whose merit the world continues to exist),

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And there is the leader of the Lamed Vav Tzaddikim.


Do you know what a holy Jew Rabbi Eliezer Berland actually is? He is kodesh kodeshim (holy of holies).

HaRav Eliezer Berland was given from shemayim (heaven) a very hard, and even unbearable mission.

He got given the job of atoning for all of Israel, for every single one of us. This Tzaddik is accepting upon himself shame and disgrace, he’s accepting humiliation, in order to sweeten the dinim (harsh judgments) – that very hard things shouldn’t come here [to Israel].

No epidemics, and no diseases.


Rabotai (gentlemen), he is atoning for us. The Tzaddik HaRav Berland is sitting in a prison cell and this doesn’t even bother us! Mori v’rabotai, this is disgracing a talmid chacham! Do you know how serious this is?!

We hear about this Tzaddik, who is atoning for us, and who is accepting such disgrace upon himself, the most difficult things imaginable, and we sit here with folded hands. Are we really still believing what the media people are telling us?! And then we fail, and start writing that he’s a thief and a crook, chas v’shalom.

We don’t know who we are talking about – this is the kodesh kodeshim. This is a fiery angel of Hashem.

Chas v’shalom, anyone should even suspect him of such a thing, that he would touch a girl.

He is greater than an angel.


Who gets sent to prison, just because he gave someone some Mentos?

If people really knew the truth, in a clear, revealed way, they would have taken his Mentos with emuna, and they would have been healed.

He stands praying for 16 hours about me, and about you, and about them, that there shouldn’t be any dinim, and that there shouldn’t be plagues!

What happens [when we talk against HaRav Berland]? The CoronaVirus disease.


The things that we can now see happening in many countries around the world, this is in order that we will examine our own deeds.

A talmid chacham, a Tzaddik, who is being disgraced, and we aren’t protesting against this? Woe to us, and woe to our souls.

Rabotai, this is really not something simple.


These are the holy words of the kabbalist Rabbi Menashe Amon.

In the meantime, the Coronavirus has now appeared in Eretz Yisrael, and the disease has started to spread across the world in a ‘spontaneous’ way that can’t be traced back directly to the original outbreak in Wuhan, China.

We can see by the enormous efforts to quarantine whole cities, and to even seal the borders of countries to prevent the disease being spread, that the authorities clearly understand that COVID-19 – as this strain of Coronavirus is now being called – has the potential to become an incredibly destructive pandemic, that could kill millions of people, G-d forbid.

And yet, it isn’t.


Literally the day before Rabbi Berland was brutally arrested, he told his attendants to get his prayer to be saved from the Coronavirus translated into as many languages as possible, and to print 10,000 copies of it, to be distributed as far and wide as possible.

At that time, Rabbi Berland said:

“There’s a terrible decree of world destruction by the Coronavirus.”

He then continued: “We will write a prayer and the decree will be cancelled. The prayer should be translated in all languages and read all over the world. With that the virus it will leave as quickly as it came leaving no trace behind.”

If you want to know what is holding back the true, killer nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, then look no further than the ‘fiery angel of Hashem’ who is now sitting in a prison cell because he gave someone some Mentos.

He’s atoning for our sins.

And our part is to encourage as many people as possible to join their prayers together with the Tzaddik, and to continue to print out the Rav’s prayer to be saved from the Coronavirus, and to get it to as many people as we can.

These prayers are literally tipping the scales, and preventing a widespread epidemic that could kill millions of people.

And each person who takes it upon themselves to join in distributing the prayer, and of course reciting it themselves, is partnering with the Tzaddik to bring geula the sweet way, and to cancel the dinim we can all feel hovering above our heads.



It shows a tourist from Africa praying at the Western Wall with a copy of Rabbi Berland’s prayer to be saved from the Coronavirus in his right head.


Interesting enough, the very same media sources that are badmouthing Rabbi Berland with new lies each day are publishing these videos and photos of Rabbi Berlands coronavirus prayer changing the world.


You can download Rabbi Berland’s prayer to be saved from the Coronavirus for yourself – in 37 languages – HERE.


The spiritual cause of the Coronavirus

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