Let Me Merit to Do Hitbodedut on Mount Carmel Every Day — New Prayer by R’ Berland Shlit”a

It’s known that Mount Carmel is one of the first places that, as a youth, our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a would go for hitbodedut.  And so in his hitbodedut there, he reached the conclusion that everything is vanity of vanities and there is none besides Hashem.  Then he devoted himself fully to the world of Torah, and in this way we have merited to see his great light until this day.

Our Rebbe Rav Berland shlit”a has recently written a prayer to merit to hitbodedut on Mount Carmel:

Ribbono Shel Olam — Master of the World, let me merit every day to go do hitbodedut on Mount Carmel, like Eliyahu HaNavi zachor l’tov, who did hitbodedut on Mount Carmel and brought down fire from heaven, and all the people shouted, “Hashem — He is the G-d, Hashem — He is the G-d!”

Therefore, I shall also go to do hitbodedut every day on Mount Carmel, and scream, “Hashem — He is the G-d, Hashem — He is the G-d!”

To download the Hebrew version, click here

Below is the prayer in the Rav’s holy handwriting:

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