Listen: Rabbi Berland speaks to his students for the first time since his disappearance!

On erev Shabbos Parashas Matos-Maasei Rabbi Eliezer Berland was asked in a phone call with one of his students to give over a message to the Rabbi’s Yeshiva – Shuvu Banim. The Tzadik began speaking about the Parsha which describes the children of Israels journeys in the desert for 40 years after leaving Egypt going from place to place before meriting entering into the Holy Land. The Rabbi spoke about the importance of these travels and how at each place a Jew finds himself there are lost sparks of holiness waiting to be raised up by these persons prayers and service of his creator in that place. Rabbi Berland then said that each person must know that wherever in the world he finds himself it was already declared before he was born where exactly he would be when he would be there and for how long, as it says in the Parsha all the journey’s were “al pi Hashem”.
As Rebbe Nachman says: A person can never say ‘this place is not for me’ for wherever he may be or in whichever situation he may find himself, he can serve Hashem specifically from that place and from the situation he was placed in, for Hashem is ‘Mekomo she Olam’.


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