“Many Rabbis and Tzaddikim are standing with Rav Berland – he’s Holy of Holies” – Rav Salmanovitch

Rav Salmonovitz Breslov
Leading Breslov figure, Rav Yaacov Moshe Salmanovitch explains how geula and the persecution of Rav Berland are connected

“Many Rabbis and Tzaddikim stand behind the gaon and tzaddik, HaRav Eliezer Berland, shlit”a”

Leading Breslov Rabbi and Kabbalist Rav Yaakov Moshe Salmanovitch recently put out a strong statement about the ongoing persecution of Rabbi Eliezer Berland and his community, that is only continuing to grow and strengthen.

The Rav, together with the Shuvu Banim kehilla, have been under the jackboot of tyranny for over seven years, now – and the persecution still shows no sign of abating. As Rabbi Salmanovitch himself tells us:

“Many Rabbis and Tzaddikim stand behind the gaon and the tzaddik, HaRav Eliezer Berland, shlita. But many of them testify that they are scared to come out openly in support [of the Rav], against the rodfim (persecutors).”


Rabbi Salmanovitch begins his statement by explaining why he chose to make it, even though he usually makes every effort to stay out of the limelight:

“I wanted to honor my loved and dear [colleagues], the tzaddikim, the people of Shuvu Banim, and the many thousands of people who support Rav Berland both in Israel, and around the world.

Who am I? It’s truly a big embarrassment and disgrace that I am standing here and speaking. This is very hard for me. I know who I am, and what I am, and I’m someone that no-one should pay any attention to me, at all. So how can I even speak?

But I wanted to speak, as soon as I’d heard that they’d started to do more things, I wanted to speak before it happened.

But, I always say that these things are usually pushed aside, so we don’t need to talk about them. But I made a mistake. I should have spoken about these things, a little, before this, so they would know that it’s not going to change anything, not even by a hairsbreadth.”


After that introduction, Rav Salmanovitch then goes on to explain how all the persecution is just building castles in the air, and that none of the accusations have any truthful basis whatsoever.

Everything is just hevel (vanity of vanities).

We continue with his holy words:

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“But Rabbanim and Gadolim have signed! It’s true, they are tzaddikim, they have the koach (strength) of the Torah. We believe in all of the Rabbanim, and in all the different chassidim, and in all the tzaddikim.

A kosher Rabbi we need to believe in him, except for what? The fact that in every generation tzaddikim, who are the holy ones of heaven, have also come under the opposition of other big rabbis. So, we know that this is one of the ways Providence operates.

It’s one of those hidden mysteries, that rabbanim go against holy tzaddikim, supernal holy ones.

This isn’t a contradiction at all. We know that in all of the generations this happens. There is nothing new under the sun.


Let’s say that their intention was to do this leshem shemayim (for Hashem’s sake), so that if rabbis sign, chas v’halila, what’s going to happen?

They will say that Rav Eliezer ben Ettia is such and such, so that people will leave him, and that no-one should come closer to him.

But, for all of my smallness, I can still promise you something. We have the promise / assurance. What is this assurance? Why am I speaking in such an emotional way? The promise is the ruach hakodesh (Divine spirit) that is screaming out.

When they start to torture him, it will grow even stronger and will break out. (quote from shemos)


How very much they’ve persecuted Shuvu Banim over the last 7-9 years…

But this type of persecution is not what came before [referring to the persecution the Rav faced from Breslov community centred on the Shul in Meah Shearim, for the three decades before this latest round of persecution.]

The previous persecution, baruch Hashem, it’s already over. But this persecution has been going now for seven years. Everything they thought to do, they have put it into action. And from now, what is going to be? They think gamarnu (it’s over). Rav Berland is sitting in prison, and everyone should just go home…


I have some really good news to break to you: that just like the previous persecutions just strengthened Shuvu Banim and made them bigger and greater; so too, this machloket is only going to strengthen them and make then even more greater.

This is now going to strengthen them 100-fold, a 1000-fold, until our righteous Moshiach comes soon. Mamash.

Because it is written, (Ovadia 1:4) “if you rise up like an eagle, and if you place your nest amongst the stars” – I don’t want to finish reciting the verse, because we have mercy upon everyone.

We pray for everyone and love everyone. This is not connected, at all, to any feeling of hatred.

Not like those people who from the time the machloket began can no longer even speak to other people [who they disagree with], because of their enormous hatred.


It’s frightening to watch this.

This is not befitting Breslov at all, and also not Judaism. But, baruch Hashem, by us we don’t have such a thing [i.e. as hating other Jews], everyone is loved, and we don’t hate anyone else.

Nevertheless, we can still announce that from now on you [the persecutors] will be unemployed, because you already did everything. The Ministry for Employment in the new government that was formed (the group of persecutors) is going to be needed to help those poor people who spoke and acted [against Shuvu Banim] for so many years.

Because now, there is mamash going to be a great fear.


Because when a person fulfills all of his taavot (negative lusts), so then he starts to feel extremely wretched.

And we, in the name of Hashem we will prevail.

As much as [Rav Berland / Shuvu Banim] is being tortured, so their strength will be increased and it will spread out.

It’s really not fitting for me to speak in this way, because I am a person who is extremely merciful, baruch Hashem, this is the one [good] midda (character trait) that I have. But since there will be, and are, many people in the world that will think, God forbid [succeeded]….

No, no one succeeded. The Eternal of Israel will not falter.


Baruch Hashem, Rav Berland has talmidim (students), and students of students, and yeshivot, and yeshivot from those yeshivot, and even more yeshivot.

Baruch Hashem, he has a quintuplet. Yeshivas from yeshivas from yeshivas from yeshivas… I don’t want to say names here. There are those who are scared to be associated, and there are those who are not scared.

But Rav Berland has, baruch Hashem, many thousands and myriads of talmidim, God-fearing and wholesome people, including holy tzaddikim and kabbalists. Every one is loved, every one is perfectly holy.

This isn’t going to move them a millimeter, what you’ve done.


The whole of Judaism today is hanging by a thread. The whole world is hanging on a thread. If you would have done this 40 years ago, maybe it would have had an effect. But today the world is falling apart, anyways.

Everyone listens to the rabbis, but because it is known what is written about the ‘footsteps of the Moshiach’ [the persecution of tzaddikim and Moshiach himself], so it really doesn’t make any difference. There are more [rabbis and tzaddikim] with us, than there are with the persecutors. There are hundreds of rabbanim who love Rav Berland, just they are scared [to be publicly identified].

But, with Hashem’s help, nothing is going to change. Shuvu Banim – the more you torture it, the more it increases and bursts out.


I am calling out to all of Shuvu Banim, even though I am truthfully nothing at all – don’t be broken by this!

I am the nothing of nothings, and it’s really not fit for me to speak, it really pains me that I have to speak. But, in a place where there is no men… HaKadosh Baruch Hu chose me, and many more people are also speaking out.

It’s not fitting that I should hurt anyone, and here I am hurting lots of people on the opposing side. It’s really not nice for me, that I have to speak, and Hashem knows how many tears I’ve cried about this, that I have to hurt the other side and how much I’ve cried about what I’ve just said, up until now.

It’s impossible to describe my pain. Bezrat Hashem, that Hashem gave me this good midda [to feel the pain of others].

My household has always been run according to this principle, and as a result this has reduced the years of my life, and I’ve suffered all my life from having an open house, and every moment I have is only for this [i.e. trying to help people].


I want that there should be no suffering for anyone in the whole world.

But despite this, because there is here so many people suffering so much pain, I am sure that those from the other side who will hear this know that I am not doing this out of malice, and that I don’t want to hurt them.

I’m just speaking from a place of pain, and I pray about them a lot more than they think.

I want that any moment now, they will receive such a light of enlightenment, that they will know that everything [all of their persecution] is stupidity. There that are so many more delicious things to be doing in the world. This is what Rav Moshe Beninstock said, that in Breslov many years ago, there were such ovdei Hashem, servants of Hashem, tzaddikim.

But that today, there are people who are just waiting to rip others to pieces, who are just waiting for the other one to fall.


Oy! How can this be? How can it be, that during the footsteps of Moshiach, people are waiting that something [bad] should happen to the other person? How can it be, that a Jew is waiting for something to happen to someone else?

This is not acceptable even for carnivorous animals!

It’s written that in [the period of time called] the footsteps of Moshiach, the wolf will live with the lamb, and a leopard with a goat… nothing will be ruined and nothing will be spoiled in all of the holy mountain.

The closer we get to the days of Moshiach, the greater the rachmanut (compassion) needs to grow.


With Hashem’s help, the derech of Shuvu Banim works on complete compassion, the other side should do teshuva.

The Rav is in prison, and with Hashem’s help, we listen to his voice on the phone. Of course, we need to pray every second that he will get out. Rav Berland, with his spiritual greatness, overcomes everything. Hashem should grant him koach (strength) until the coming of Moshiach Tzidkaynu. And everyone should merit [to make teshuva], before Moshiach Tzidkaynu, and everyone should have an everything good more than me.

I am truly happy with the happiness of each person, but I still sit here in astonishment – how can someone want Rabbi Lazer Berland to be made out to be a rasha (evildoer)? How can a person enjoy it if Rabbi Eliezer is made out to be a rasha?


These ‘tzaddikim’ – all of them are happy that the other person is not OK.

If I saw that they were sorry about this, I would kiss them on the head, even if they would spit on me.

Everyone who turns away from me on the street – I’m happy, because I don’t need anyone with me. But I would still kiss all those who are so very ‘worried’ about the sins of Am Yisrael. Around Bnei Brak, and within Bnei Brak itself, you are worrying about the sins of Am Yisrael.

Ah, what zealots! Baruch Hashem, you are such good people, such amazingly good people, that if someone came to you, you would take care of him, and have mercy upon him.


Ah. If I could only see how you were fighting for, and waiting for Rabbi Eliezer Berland to be a tzaddik. And that all of Shuvu Banim shouldn’t do or engage in any terrible sins.

I haven’t seen the psak, and chas v’shalom, I don’t want to see it. From what I heard announced, I understood that all the work of those people over the last years bore fruit. I ‘congratulate’ all those who will make fruit from these fruit, even for the non-Jews.

Everyone says that I only defend Rabbi Berland because I am good hearted;they should always praise me like this.

But I haven’t lost my judgment – Rav Berland is holy of holies. nothing you say will change that.


Everyone knows, those who understand, understand.

I spoke today with very, very, very big rabbis. The greatest of the great. Everyone knows that Rav Berland is kodesh kodeshim (holy of holies). Whatever they say against him is exactly [what all the holy books say about they way unique tzaddikim are despised in their generation], Rav Berland is exactly as described. I don’t want to give details, it exactly describes Rav Berland, whoever knows understands what I am referring to.

And whoever doesn’t want to know, and only wants that it comes out differently – this person needs total rachmanus.

The world is not hefker (a free-for-all). May it be His will, that now we reached the tachlis, to the point of becoming like dust – from now, we should merit to rise up like the stars. And not to be like the goyim, who place their nests amongst the stars, who are making us suffer all the pain in the whole world, and all the Corona and the 5G and all the difficulties.

[They stand for] Money and honor, and all the suffering in the whole world.

[We stand for] Only rachmanut and good hearts, prayers and fields and forests.


Baruch Hashem, Shuvu Banim number thousands of thousands [of people].

Just today, I met a few of them. What lowliness! What humility! No-one disgraces anyone else. Each one has their greatness, bli ayin hara. I don’t want to remind the talmidim of Rav Berland that they have students of their own, and students of their students, without saying bli ayin hara.

The whole of Breslov taken together doesn’t reach their level, bli ayin hara. [They are] pure talmidei chachamim (Torah scholars), and holy tzaddikim.

I go on the street, and I’m going to get it from both sides, Rabbi Yaakov Moshe, how beautifully you spoke…

I don’t need honor. All I want is Moshiach Tzidkaynu. If this is going to cause me to be shamed… Baruch Hashem! I learned from Rav Berland that this is a good thing. So, I don’t care to be disgraced, that they should say whatever they want to say.


But I want to bring you the good news: when they torture you, that’s when you increase and burst out.

No one is going to leave Shuvu Banim.

With Hashem’s help, this is just a segula for Rav Berland, whose whole life was only about being disgraced and suffering tribulations. This is his whole inyan (purpose). For this, he came to the world, this is how Moshiach Tzidkaynu is brought. This is how it is by the tzaddikim.

They take all the abundance of merit that is coming their way, and distribute it to the Jewish people, and then for themselves, they just take tribulations (as Rebbe Nachman teaches in LM). This is the way all the big Tzaddikim have behaved throughout all the generations.

They aren’t scared of anything.


We don’t disparage rabbanim.

They are holy tzaddikim, don’t think about what they [the persecutors] did to them, how they were prodded, what was done a year ago [the first beis din] exploded. Now, they did something new. Ruach HaKodesh will also scream out because of them, for this you will be increased and expanded.

This will stay and this will stay. Everyone is good, just restrain yourself a little.

Nothing is going to happen, as happened in the [other] machloket, because Rav Berland is praying, and all of Shuvu Banim is praying that nothing [bad] should happen to anyone.


All the tzaddikim who ‘oppose’, who did what they did, don’t be scared, just return in teshuva.

There is teshuva, just know that, with God’s help, Shuvu Banim will continue. In the whole world, and in every city in Israel, there is Shuvu Banim, and no-one is going to split off from the Rav Berland.

Because they know that there are rabbanim, I don’t want to say their names specifically, because they are gentle – and they are, all of them, with Rav Berland. And it’s known that the rabbanim who aren’t with Rav Berland, were spun around a lot, day and night.

No-one is letting go of Rav Berland, or splitting off from him, there is no such thing as this.

And from this machloket against Rav Berland, many new people will be brought closer.

Haval (it’s such a shame) about this whole story. I’m not giving anybody the ‘crown’ of being able to send away Moshiach [like I said about the persecutors previously]. If you want to return in teshuva, you have enough to enable you to do that.

You don’t need to help us to ‘make teshuva’ – Baruch Hashem, we’re already worrying about making teshuva.


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