Rav Matisyahu Glazerson with Rav Eliezer Berland Shlit”a in Holland

Rav Matityahu Glazerson expert in bible codes and author of many books on the subject arrived today in Holland for a visit to Rav Eliezer Berland Shlit”a. They sat together and exchanged words of Torah for two hours in Rav Berland’s home in Amsterdam.
Watch the video that Rabbi Glazerson created during his stay.


Rav Matityahu Glazerson is known for writing tens of popular books about the secrets contained in lashon hakodesh, (the holy language), gematria and Torah codes. Rav Glazerson has lectured on these subjects around the world, and he’s been a friend of Rav Berland for more than 60 years’ ago, since the time that they both learned together in Yeshiva Knesset Hezkiyahu, in Kfar Chassidim.

To date, Rav Glazerson has written about Rav Berland appearing in Torah codes on three separate occasions. The first time was when the Rav came to Johannesburg; the second time was when the Rav moved to Holland; and the last time was when Rav Glazerson travelled to Holland to meet up with Rav Berland.

On that occasion, they sat together for two hours, and then after the meeting, Rav Glazerson published some additional hints that he’d found in the Torah codes, connected to Rav Berland. Rav Glazerson released a film clip during his trip to Holland called: ‘The appearance of Rav Eliezer Berland in torah codes.”

In the film clip, Rav Glazerson showed how the words ‘Eliezer Berland tzaddik’ appeared together with the words: ‘The arising of the erev rav against Judaism.’ Rav Glazerson also pointed out that he’d found the words ‘Breslev’ and ‘Ha Tikun Haklali’, and he explained that R Berland is a true Breslever Chassid, and that we should do what he’s requesting from us, namely to say the Tikkun Haklali for him as much as possible.

In a seperate film clip, Rav Glazerson showed that if you continue a little further on the Torah Codes table, you’d find the word ‘moshiach’, as if to say everything that Rav Berland is going through is leading us up to the time of the coming of moshiach.

Rav Glazerson concluded that this latest table was clearly showing us where we are in the redemption process, and that in his view, we were very close to moshiach coming.

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