Miracle in Hadera: The blind man who ‘saw’ Rav Berland

Blind man sees Rav Berland
A miracle in Hadera

Another miracle story in Hadera: A totally blind man ‘sees’ Rav Berland

Over the past few weeks, Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita, has been visiting one town after another, appearing in a different location across Israel almost every night, trying to help more Jews to make teshuva.

These evenings are filled with lofty words of Torah from the Rav, dancing and niggunim (melodies) with the crowds attending, and increasingly – stories of open miracles.

We’re pleased to share with you another of these stories, that was shared with us by Chanan Vaknin, who heard it straight from the horse’s mouth. (You can hear the story for yourself in the original Hebrew, by clicking HERE.)

Chanan begins:

“I’ve got a friend by the name of Shalom Yifrach, who’s my chevruta (learning partner). Over the last few years, he’s become completely blind, and now he can’t see anything. He’s been hearing all these sublime stories about Rav Berland, shlita, and he didn’t really believe them.

“He didn’t believe that a thousand people would stand up on their feet for 4-5 straight hours during prayers with the Rav. He knew of stories of unique Tzaddikim in the generation that would pray like this, but it was really hard for him to believe that the Rav’s whole community would also copy his service of Hashem, to that extent.

“When Rav Berland came to Hadera, my friend Shalom told me that he was going to do a bit of mesirut Nefesh (self-sacrifice), and come to the gathering. He waited for three hours until the Rav arrived. When the Rav came, he was surrounded by a lot of hullabaloo, as usually happens when a Tzaddik of the calibre of Rav Berland goes somewhere.

“Shalom asked one of the Rav’s attendants that he should point his head exactly in the direction where the Rav was standing. When all this was happening, the Rav started singing ‘ayoufa eshkona’.

“And this is when the enormous miracle occurred: For a full 20 minutes, my blind friend Shalom could see the Rav, shlita, really clearly. And this was after many years of seeing nothing at all.”

Chanan continues:

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“Two days after the gathering, my friend Shalom hadn’t returned to the Kollel. He called me up and told me: ‘Chanan, I haven’t been able to sleep for two days. I saw Rav Berland, and everyone, including my wife, thinks I’ve gone crazy.’

“I asked him: ‘Shalom, tell me how Rav Berland actually looked to you.’ I wanted to verify what he was telling me, and I knew that Rav Berland, shlita, makes certain movements that are very specific to him.

“Anyone who knows the Rav knows that he’s always doing holy yichudim (kabbalistic unifications) with his fingers, without cease, and that he frames his fingers to form the letters of Hashem’s ineffable name.

“Shalom mamash described every detail of the Rav, and then he went on to make a confession, too: ‘Chanan, until I went to see the Rav, I didn’t believe all your stories about him and I was looking down at you. But now, now that I actually saw him myself, I know that everything you told me was correct.”

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