The miracles are brought down via prayers

Miracles are brought down to the kehilla via the prayers


The following is translated and modified from an article describing Rav Berland’s first few days back in Jerusalem, that appeared in the latest Hithadshut magazine, #17. You can order copies of hithadshut by calling: (+972) 799-318-318.

Thursday, 21st Sivan (June 15th, 2017)

This morning, Rav Berland came down to the morning prayers earlier than usual, and arrived at 4am. Together with the crowd, he recited the Tikkun Haklali (the 10 psalms that make up the ‘General Rectification’, as described by Rebbe Nachman) for a baby who was in a very critical condition.

Afterwards, the Rav gave over a shiur (Torah lesson) on Masechet Yevamot. During the shiur, the Rav remonstrated on a couple of occasions that people were giving him notes, or speaking to him, during the time when the Tikkun Haklali or other prayers were being said, and asking him for brachot (blessings) and advice.

And it seems that the people who were doing this didn’t realize that they were disturbing the prayers, which was a real shame, because the Rav pointed out: the time of the prayers and of reciting the Tikkun Haklali is when all of the miracles can be brought down.  So there was no need to submit notes to the Rav in a way that disturbed his prayers.

In fact, the whole reason that the Rav was coming out to pray with the community was only in order to influence matters according to what each and every participant needed.

This is the place to add another anecdote, which shines some more light on the subject. Six years’ ago, when Rav Berland came to the Shuvu Banim Beit Midrash in the Old City of Jerusalem for the morning prayers, after the service he went to the Kotel, to dance.

During the dancing, someone came over to him and asked him for a bracha (blessing). The Rav gently rebuked him, and said to him:

“You see that we’re in the holiest place, and that we’re doing the single biggest thing that can bring down miracles and sweeten judgments[1], that we’re dancing, and you’re disturbing us in the middle of it?!”

When Rav Berland was in Holland, he also cautioned the community on a number of different occasions that whoever came to ask questions or speak with him during the prayer service, they were actually only disrupting all the miracles and salvations.

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The message is clear: If you need a miracle, or you’re stuck in a difficult place and are waiting for a yeshua (salvation) the single best way to open up the channels of Heavenly abundance is to come and join Rav Berland during the prayers, but without disturbing him.

All of the miracles are flowing down to the kehilla (community) as they pray with the Rav. Disturbing the service by giving the Rav notes or speaking to him instead of participating in the prayers is only delaying your miracle.

Please bear that in mind when you come to pray with the Rav, but please also feel welcomed and encouraged to come and pray with Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita.

The doors of the Rav’s temporary shul on Ido HaNavi are open to all comers, and everyone is welcome.

[1] Rebbe Nachman teaches in many places that dancing and clapping the hands sweetens the harsh judgments that cause the nation of Israel, and individuals, to suffer.

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