Miriam Subdued Balak and Bilaam – Daily Shiur with Rabbi Eliezer Berland Shlit”a

Daily Shiur of Rabbi Eliezer Berland shlit”a – “Balak and Bilaam are found in every generation”

Monday, 5 Tammuz 5782, after Ma’ariv

So no one knew this secret.  No one knew that Balak and Bilaam were cursing.  Who knew this?  He ascended to the top pinnacle – who knew this?

No one knew!  Moshe revealed this on 7 Adar before he passed away, so we would know what happened.

“Balak Bilaam” is the numerical value of “Rachel Leah” – exactly the numerical value 274.  At night they siphon off [their sustenance] from the heels of Leah.  Balak and Bilaam siphon off from the heels of Leah, and the heels of Leah enter the Keter/Crown of Rachel.  When they enter the Keter/Crown of Rachel, then the siphoning off of Balak and Bilaam is nullified.  The entire matter is that they make a separation between Rachel and Leah, and then there is an extortion of sustenance for Balak and Bilaam.

Because they are in every generation.  Balak and Bilaam are found in every generation… the same Balak, the same Bilaam, who with his mouth alone can destroy six million, nine million!  They are found in every generation, and only Miriam the Prophetess can subdue them, because it’s impossible to subdue Miriam the Prophetess!  Because the king said to kill her – “Know that the next time I’ll kill you – this is your end!  Why don’t you kill them?  You don’t suffocate the children.  You don’t do what I told you!”  Because already three years previously, 3, 4 months before Moshe was born, the astrologers said [to Pharaoh:] “Know that the one who is about to born, we don’t know if this is a Jew or gentile – he will remove your crown, remove your side curls, your beard.  He’ll remove everything from you!”

The king was terrified, was in a dilemma, said, “Every boy that is born shall be thrown into the river.  All the boys throw straight into the river.”  Previously, he said to suffocate them during childbirth.  It’s possible to suffocate [them] at the time of childbirth, but how many is it possible to suffocate at the time of childbirth?  600,000 children…600,000 children were born!  They were all at the giving of the Torah.  Miriam said that he should kill her – what difference does it make?  Like Queen Esther said to the king: “Kill me.  You want… hang me.  I only want to save the Jewish people.  I won’t give you rest – not by day and not by night!”

“Esther again spoke before the king…”

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  1. I have an intuition that Queen Esther was a gilgul of Miriam – and also a gilgul of Sarah…….Miriam could do it, and Esther could do it too: same person, different times, different bodies, same neshamah.

    Esther and Sarah have a lot in common too, but in different ways – royalty, beauty, personality, presence- also gilgulim: 127 years, and 127 medinot. Definitely connected on a neshamah level. Gilgul!

    Can there be sparks of more than one neshamah in a gilgul? Or were they all the same neshamah? First Sarah, then Miriam, and then Esther?… Maybe a Mekubal would have an answer?


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