The mountains moved for Matan Torah

The mountains all moved
All the mountains moved around the globe, before Matan Torah.

Many mountains moved around the globe, for Matan Torah

An excerpt of Rav Eliezer Berland’s holy words during his recent meeting in Bat Yam:

Mount Tavor used to be part of the Andes. Recently in the Andes, an aircraft crashed and they couldn’t find it, because it was covered over with snow. [The survivors] had to eat the people who’d died [in the crash] – they didn’t have any other choice. After two months, they finally found them.

I’ve also said [on previous occasions] that also Mount Hermon came [for Matan Torah], and also Mount Everest came [for Matan Torah], but it came with a white jalabeya (robe). It was dressed in a white sort of jalabeya, in 50 degree heat, and it all melted. And after it had come in such a robe, it was so embarrassed that it turned around and left.

Mount Tavor didn’t give up

If it would have waited a little while, the Torah would have been given [on it], but it had a white jalabeya, and then someone stole it away, or it melted, I don’t know what really happened. And when [Mount Everest] saw what had happened, it said, “now I’m upset!” [and left]. But Mount Tavor didn’t give up.

Now, it’s going to be the haftorah for Parshat Bo. Now, we’re coming to the haftorah where we read: “Like Tavor of the mountains, and Carmel of the sea” (Jeremiah 46:18).

So, Mount Tavor flew over from the Andes, and the Carmel had been in the sea, it was there in the Phillipines, 11,000 km below sea level, when it was uprooted.

How do we know Mt Carmel used to be in the sea?

How do we know that the Carmel had been in the sea? We can see this from the scientific evidence: the whole of the Carmel is full of fossils – fish fossils, crustaceans, sea urchins, and all sorts of other sea creatures. All the rocks there, they’re all made up of fossilised sea creatures.

So it was asked: How did Mount Carmel come to be in Haifa? It was uprooted, it jumped, “The mountains danced like rams, the hills like young lambs” (Tehillim 114). All the mountains danced, they jumped, they danced. All of them wanted to come to the level of Mount Sinai.

Every time the christians argue, they start a new church

As we’ve said, Mount Sinai was the lowest [mountain]. The Christians have now got to ‘Jabal Katrina’, 2,800 metres high. They started with the lowest mountain, but every time the Christians have an argument, they open up a new church.

The Jews always have the Torah, and this never changes. [But by the Christians] they fight, then they open another church. By us, it’s always the same Torah, not like with the Christians, who create ‘new’ Torahs. Like the Anglicans, who decided to permit divorce. By the Catholics, even today, there is no divorce. You can’t get divorced. If you get married in Ireland, then you’re really stuck, there’s no divorce there, there’s nothing, you have to say with it until 120.

By the Christians even today there is no divorce, there is not even a suggestion of it.

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