New Book “Freedom in Captivity” with Teachings and Prayers from Rav Berland Shlit”a

Freedom in Captivity book

Excerpt from the book:

When I received Reb Eliyahu Whiteaker’s first letter from a U.S. correctional facility, I thought to myself, what can I do to help this Jew trapped in prison become free? What can I do to get him connected to his personal redemption? How can I strengthen him amidst the insanely difficult trials and tribulations he faces day in and day out while in prison separated from his family, friends, and the Jewish community? How could I bless him with emunah since the Be’er Mayim Chaim writes, “It is known that our Sages say, in the merit of emunah, the Jewish people were redeemed from Egypt. Thus, each individual Jew is redeemed from the exile of his own evil inclination in the merit of [his] emunah.”  Only Rebbe Nachman of Breslov who said, “The world considers faith something minor. However, I consider it an extremely great thing,” only he could help Reb Eliyahu, so I did my best to write Reb Eliyahu letters connecting him with Rebbe Nachman and the Rebbe’s path of Breslov Chassidus. I did this so he could successfully achieve emunah to overcome and tolerate all of his difficulties with love and happiness and live just like Rebbe Nachman “who was always calm and relaxed… [Living with] his unique serenity.” Thus, the book Freedom in Captivity is for anyone looking to achieve a life of happiness and true freedom since we are reminded each year during the Passover Seder, “This year we are slaves, next year we will be free people.” How do we stop being captives and how do we become free as the Jews did over 3,333 years ago during the Exodus of Egypt? The answer is revealed in this real life correspondence of letters between a Jew living in Jerusalem and a Jew held captive in a U.S. prison. The practical advice found in each letter about achieving happiness and finding faith amongst all obstacles will provide insight and inspiration for anyone looking to achieve a life of happiness and true freedom.





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