New Prayers from Rav Berland

#1107 — To Merit to do Hitbodedut at every time and in every situation

“The heat consumed me by day and the ice by night”

Ribono Shel Olam — Master of the World, All-Capable, Let me merit to do Hitbodedut, in heat wave and in snow, in frost and in heat, in dew and in rain, and not a single day will go by without an hour of Hitbodedut, and I will not interrupt the Hitbodedut for even one second.

And all my days, I will just be attached to You 24 hours with a fiery flame, like Devorah, Eshet Lapidot, that they would see fire upon her tent at the time that she would prophesize.  And let me merit to fulfill “the heat consumed me,” that I should merit to warmth of holiness, to be a fiery flame for You 24 hours.

In the merit of “ice by night,” let me merit to leave behind this terrible lust, which is mainly at night, until I won’t even have a trace of it, and I won’t think of or ponder any impure thoughts, not by night and not by day, and not while awake and not in a dream.

#1119 — Protection for children

Ribono Shel Olam — Master of the World, All-Capable, please Hashem, please drawn down safeguarding and protection onto our many children, spiritually and materially, and guard them from an evil eye, an evil inclination, an evil mishap, and an evil companion, and the Sitra Achra won’t be able to spread out its net for their legs, because they are young and are tempted to everything forbidden, to every transgression.  Therefore, they need safeguarding many times over, to not be led astray by the evil inclination and evil companions.  Save the tender children from the evil inclination, and from evil and impure thoughts, and the impure thoughts won’t, G-d forbid, rule over them; and that they won’t stumble in a transgression, and no forbidden and impure thought will confuse them, and we will be satiated from them Nachat (satisfaction) of holiness all 120 years, and the evil thoughts won’t be able to make us, our sons and our daughters fall, G-d forbid.  And let us merit from now on to finish the Book of Tehilim every single day without fail, because only the Book of Tehilim can save us, day and night… and through this we will enter the Garden of Eden with our bodies like Serach bat Asher, and through this we will subdue the 11 Chiefs of Esav, and fulfill in us the verse, “And it was turned about: the Jews ruled over their enemies.”

#65 — To eat with patience and good manners

Ribono Shel Olam — Master of the World, let me merit to not pounce on food, and not to dive head-first into food, and from now on to eat with patience and good manners, like one sitting before the King.  And I will always mix into the food olive oil which is favorable for wisdom, as it says, “Four ladders for every Menorah, and four children, and in their hands jugs of olive oil of 120 log — numerical value: Eliyahu HaNavi (120).  And through eating with patience and good manners, one merits to a revelation of Eliyahu HaNavi, Zacur L’Tov, who in five places gave his “vav” on deposit to Yaakov Avinu, who merited that a can of olive oil fell to him from heaven, and this was the can for whose sake he crossed the Yabok anew.  Then the guardian angel of Esav was revealed to him, who battled with him until the break of dawn.  Then Yaakov was made complete in the Divine emanation of Yesod (foundation), and through this we merited to joy of the Beit HaSho’eva, not eating or sleeping for seven days, “because anyone who hasn’t seen the joy of the Beit HaSho’eva never saw joy in their lifetimes.”

And I won’t run straight to the refrigerator when I come home and snatch the food from the refrigerator.  And I will first approach my wife and praise her for everything that she did while I wasn’t at home, and I will first ask her what happened to her when I wasn’t at home.

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