The Noam Elimelech and how the US won the war

Grave of the Noam Elimelech

The Noam Elimelech and how the US won World War II

The Noam Elimelech was one of the eight old wise men. You should know that that Noam Elimelech was one of the eight old wise men that was written about in [Rebbe Nachman’s] tale of the Blind Beggar…

Where you ever blind, G-d forbid? But we need to be ‘blind’ like the Blind Begger from the tale of the Seven Beggars, and not to see the world, and not to believe in the world.

[Addressing his remarks to some of the youngsters in the audience:]

I was once also a child, also your age. At the age of seven I knew that there was no ‘world’, there’s nothing. I learned in a secular school, I wasn’t like you, but even in that secular school, I knew that everything was falsehood.

Secular life is all lies

Secular [life] is all lies…[no-one came from] a ‘whole’ home. Everyone was secular, everyone, and secular [life] was crazy. A secular person doesn’t learn Torah. Anyone who wants to go crazy should live a secular lifestyle, because secular lifestyles drive people insane.

One of the girls jumped from three stories up. Her mother wasn’t home, so this alone young girl jumped from the third floor. There were no rails around the mirperset (patio), so she fell from the third, or maybe even the fourth story. And this was happening to a lot of girls. There were nine families there and every family had its own tale to tell.

One jumped out the window, one jumped from a few floors up. The children were all left alone by themselves, so the girl jumped from the mirpeset, and there was no end of stories like this.

I said to myself, ‘I will never live a secular lifestyle’. I understood them, I watched them, and I went with a hat in the street. They told me that I’d get beaten for it, for back then no-one wore a hat.

Einstein was also beaten up

Einstein was also beaten, and that’s why he was the only one who didn’t convert to Christianity. He learned in a Catholic school, and the catholics beat him viciously from age five to age nine. One time the teacher bought a big tent peg to school, and with that spike they crucified him. Einstein used to say, which each blow he received, “I am dafka going to remain a Jew!”

And because of this, he decided to not convert, and when Hitler rose to power, he fired everyone [who had converted]. Then everyone said [to Einstein] “you were right [to not convert], you were right!”

Walter Rathenau, the Jewish-German Minister for Foreign Affairs

[Hitler] got into an argument with Walter Rathenau, the Minister for Foreign Affairs [in the Weimar Republic], who was a Jew, because they wanted to wipe Germany off the map. He told him: “See here, I’m the Foreign Minister, and I’m like you, and I contribute to the German people, I contribute from my Judaism. [Hitler] told him: “you don’t contribute anything, and you don’t do anything, nothing, nothing at all!”

Everyday he’d argue with him, every day arguing with the Foreign Minister. In the end, the Nazis killed him. He was in the Second Wilhelm Institute, and after that, when Hitler fired everyone, they all had a fit, and had a stroke, some of them had an apoplexy. Out of the 60 professors there, 26 were Jewish.

It was a miracle the Jewish professors were kicked out

It was a miracle this happened. Because they kicked them all out Germany lost the war. The scientists they kicked out went to America included Oppenheimer, and the couple Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. They were two very big scientists who revealed military secrets to the Russians, and the Americans sent them to the electric chair. They were communists. They revealed all the secrets of the nuclear bomb to the communists.

They also wanted to kill Oppenheimer. Fuchs revealed the most secrets, and he sat in a prison in England for 10 years. If even just one Jew had stayed there [in Germany] no-one would have survived [the war]. They would have destroyed the whole world.

So they all moved to America, and America started to develop, and they founded a nuclear institute in Los Alamos. In the Mexican desert there, that’s where the nuclear institute was located. Oppenheimer headed it up, and Julius and Ethel were the leading scientists. Everyone there was Jewish.

And that’s how America progressed, while Germany stayed behind (technologically) even up until this day. She created a nuclear bomb, but it was split up between 10 different countries, and each country created a different part of it.

So we should know that a person has emuna in Hashem, and he’s here in Beer Sheva, with all the secular people in Beer Sheva. The more secular people there are, the more mitzvahs there are [to do], so a person will acquire more cognizance, more self-awareness. This only comes by way of the Torah.



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