Now is the Year of the Revelation of Mashiach — Daily Chizzuk by Rabbi Eliezer Berland Shlit”a

The Daily Chizzuk by Rabbi Eliezer Berland shlit”a — “In order for Gog and Magog to come before Mashiach, they will need to walk up to their knees in blood, but singing sweetens the decrees”

Wednesday, 28 Nisan 5783

These are his holy words:

Through singing, we eliminate all the evildoers.  If King Chezkiyahu would have sang one more song, Gog and Magog would have been immediately.

Because Gog and Magog is only 28 years before the end of the 6th millennium, but we want Gog and Magog to be immediately, like Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Rimanov said — he said that they would need to walk up until the knees in blood, and only then would they be able to return to the Land of Israel — then all the decrees will be sweetened.

Up to the knees in blood — really, they came up to the knees in blood.

Rabbi Naftali Ropshitz said that it is also possible to sweeten with less blood — so it was in truth.

And this is what is written in Pirkei Rabbi Eliezer, in chapter 28, that Yishmael in the future will do evil to the whole world and will also conquer Rome.  Then the whole world will come to wage war with him.

The main thing is the blood of the covenant, “I said to you, ‘In your blood you shall live'” (Yechezkel 16:6).

“Two hands [one-third portions] of an hour” (Pirkei Rabbi Eliezer 28).  Forty minutes before sunset of Shabbat eve, opposite the time of the redemption — this is two-thirds.

Sunset is two-thirds before the end of the sixth millennium, because every hour is 42 years — this is 41 and 8 months — altogether 158 months.

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The letters of “Shevi’it (Seventh)” is Tav-Shin-Peh-Bet.  Tav-Shin, after this Ayin.  Ayin and Yud is 80.  After Tav-Shin-Peh-Bet (5782) comes 5783 — now this is the year of Mashiach.  Now this is the year of the revelation of Mashiach, and until 28 years before the end of the sixth millennium.

So Avraham saw the “ayit (a bird of prey)” come, that he would need to fight.  There was Shimshon HaGibor “avenge one of my two eyes” (Shoftim 16:28).  Shimshon took only “avenge one of my two eyes.”  The second eye he will take with Mashiach.

Shimshon will come with Mashiach.  Shaul will also come with Mashiach.  This is written in the Gemara (Succah 52b).

Shaul did not commit any sin.  His sin was that he did not nullify himself to Shmuel.  Shmuel is the letters of “Mi-Shaul (from Shaul)”.  The whole sin of Shaul was that he never had a sin.  In his life, he didn’t sin.

In the Gemara (ibid.), it is written who will come with Mashiach: the Seven Shepherds and eights princes of men.  This is Adam, Yishai and Shaul.  Also Shaul will come with Shmuel HaNavi, together with Amos, Tzefaniyah, and Tzidkiyah.  There are those who have Chezkiyah in place of Tzikiyah.

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