On election day, vote with your feet

Protest the awful treatment of Rav Berland tomorrow, and vote with your feet!

It’s time for us to come together, and to protest the awful, brutal treatment of Rabbi Eliezer Berland, shlita.

We are currently less than a day away from the elections to decide the next Israeli government.

The many rabbis associated with Shuvu Banim – all students of Rabbi Eliezer Berland, and tremendous guardians of the Torah in their own right – have just put out an extremely sharp message to members of the Shuvu Banim community. But this message applies equally to anyone who really cares about morality and justice in the State of Israel.

Tomorrow, we are not going to participate in the elections. We are not going to vote. We are not going to automatically give our votes to the ‘orthodox’ parties, who have done nothing to protest the cruel and unjustified persecution of Rabbi Eliezer Berland, shlit”a.


This decision has been unanimously made by the rabbis associated with Shuvu Banim, ‘as one person with one heart’.

In the moment of truth, when the chareidi parties could and should have stood up to do something to ameliorate the desperate situation Rabbi Eliezer Berland currently finds himself in – they have done nothing.

And these chareidi politicians and askanim have also turned a blind eye to the ongoing persecution of thousands of the Shuvu Banim community, too.

So tomorrow, we are voting with our feet – AND WE ARE NOT PARTICIPATING IN THE BALLOT AT ALL !!!


You can see Rabbi Ofer Erez explaining the decision to not vote in the video, below (in Hebrew, 2.30 mins running time.)


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And now we are turning to you, dear Jew, dear chassid, dear student, dear follower of the Rav, shlita, to all the many people who are sharing our pain and distress over the current terrible situation. And we are asking you to join us to protest the treatment of this tremendous Tzaddik and Talmid chacham who has spent his whole life sacrificing himself on behalf of the Jewish people.

The authorities have continued to move Rabbi Berland from one place to another, and to neglect ensuring that he has the correct food and medications he requires, given his many serious illnesses and advanced age. This is literally a situation of pikuach nefesh – saving a life.

And we are forbidden from standing idly by, as our brother’s blood is being spilt – and even more so when we’re talking about the honor of the holy Torah being trampled, and a holy Talmid Chacham and Tzaddik being so cruelly persecuted.

Vote with your feet, and help to protest the disgrace and shame of a talmid chacham and the ongoing persecution of the Shuvu Banim community.

Already, thousands of people have joined the protest, and you can add your name by clicking the link below:

Join the protest by clicking HERE.

Or by calling the Breslov information line on *9148, and then pressing ’60’:

Our only strength lies in achdut (unity) and prayer.

Shuvu Banim letter against voting
Letter urging not to vote signed by over 50 of Shuvu Banims leading Rabbi’s


The Milkman: “There is no cure for your illness, because you persecuted Rav Berland, shlita”

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  1. Not voting will only empower the “Left” to make life harder for all religious Jews! VOTE FOR OTZMA YEHUDIT! Sure, punish UTJ and Shas by not voting for them, but don’t be so foolish as not to vote at all. Not voting plays right into the sitra achra’s hands! The Rav himself told us we need to vote so that Israel doesn’t fall into the hands of the “Left”. It is the “Left” that hates the Rav the most! We needs a strong government. Vote OTZMA YEHUDIT!!!!!!!!


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