One Torah Learner Protects 40,000

Shield Umbrella

One Torah Learner Protects 40,000 People

Excerpt of a shiur given by Rabbi Eliezer Berland, shlita, from prison, last week, Parshat Vayeichi

It’s written: “Amongst 40,000 in Israel” (Shoftim, 5:8).

Now, we are going to ‘Shirat Devorah’, which is the haftorah for Parshat Beshalach. This is ‘Shirat Devorah’, 40,000 from Israel, for it’s enough to have one who learns Torah – it can be that one [person] who learns Torah, they protect 40,000 [people].

Because when a person learns Torah, he protects 40,000 [people], so that they won’t come and kill them.

Because now, they want to destroy the whole of Am Yisrael.


In another month, they will already have prepared a nuke. The first thing will be to throw this on Am Yisrael – then it will explode in their own hands.

We are now learning in Parshat Beshalach, in the haftorah, “Was even a shield or spear seen among forty thousand in Israel?” (Shoftim 5:8).

For it’s enough [to have] one in 40,000, and he protects the whole 40,000.

If one learns Torah, he protects 40,000 Jews, and outsiders, even if they aren’t learning Torah.

If there is one person in the army learning Torah, then all 40,000 will be saved by this one person.

For every 40,000 [people], there needs to be one who is learning Torah.

Translated from Shivivei Or, #192 – Parshat Shemot 5781

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