Only If a Person Jumps on his Legs is his Prayer Accepted – The Daily Shiur by Rabbi Eliezer Berland Shlit”a

The full shiur which our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a gave over on Tuesday, the night of 22 Marcheshvan, after Maariv:

So the Imrei Emet asks, why after already murdering, he [Eliyahu HaNavi] murdered 54 men, and another 400, and after this poor officer comes with 50 soldiers, he also murders him, and another officer and another fifty.  He only murdered, murdered, and murdered.  Then why didn’t he murder Izevel, that he should slaughter her already?  She killed all the prophets, all the prophetesses – there were 600,000 prophetesses.

Once, every woman was a prophetess.  Every woman would long for the Kotel – from Tzipori, from Meron, from Kfar Shamai, she would fly in the air, every woman.  And they already came, flew back, still before sunrise, onto the figs.  Because before the figs would become rotten, she would gather the figs, send the children to rooms.  All the vans are waiting downstairs and no child is in sight.  They don’t understand what’s happening.  Twenty vans arrive…and still no child is on the street.  Suddenly, they see a cloud coming, a black cloud, very black, and there is complete darkness.  Suddenly, they are already thinking, in a little while rain will come down, thunder, lightning.  Suddenly, [they see] the cloud come apart, and the children come out, girls come out from this cloud, little girls the age of three, four, five, and enter the rooms, and dress their brothers, their children.  Because she needs to immediately prepare, dress the small children, to dress them immediately, to give each one a sandwich in their hand, in the left hand a sandwich, in the right hand a Tikkun HaKlali, that they’ll manage to say a Tikkun HaKlali until the van arrives, and another Tikkun HaKlali when he travels in the van, and another Tikkun HaKlali until the Talmud Torah.  Three Tikkun HaKlali’s to manage to say immediately in the morning, everyone, all the children, and the clouds disperse.

Then why doesn’t he slaughter Izevel?  He slaughters everyone without mercy.  850 men, and another 102 people, 50 soldiers and a sweet officer, and another 50 soldiers and a sweet officer.  They were not in the Tzahal (IDF); they were from the Tzadal (South Lebanon Army).  They were from the Christian Arabs.  Tzadal is the South Lebanon Army.  They were from southern Lebanon.  And it was forbidden to kill them, but Eliyahu HaNavi killed them all; he made no distinction.  Then why leave Izavel alive?  Because she dances.  Every time that she sees a groom, she jumps.  “In the place that the dogs licked up the blood of Navot” (1 Kings 21:19) – there they shall lick up your blood, there they [will lick up] the blood of Izavel.  Then they tossed her into the plot of Navot; there they licked up the blood, and ate her flesh, outside of her feet.  Her feet – that she would jump with her legs.

“Vehaya Ekev” (Likutey Moharan 169) – every time, a person needs to jump with his legs.  Only if a person jumps with his legs is his prayer accepted.  One who doesn’t jump with his legs, his prayer is not accepted.  Immediately after the prayer, you need to jump with the legs, to become detached from the planet Earth, to become detached from the ground, to clap, to do a bit with the head.  So that’s what remained [of Izavel, who would dance in front of a bride and groom].

The shiur begins at timecode 1:10:27 

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