“Only Through Nullification to the Tzaddik is it Possible to Enter the Land of Israel” – R’ Eliezer Berland Shlit”a

Rabbi Eliezer Berland shlit"a giving shiur, Shevat 5782. Photo credit: "Achrei HaTzaddik On-Line"

Shiur of our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a – 3 Shevet 5782

“’Then who and who are going?’  Because Pharaoh was an astrologer, the cleverest person in the world.  He saw from one end of the world to the other, and said, ‘See, evil is opposite your faces.’

“That no one would enter the Land [of Israel]: ‘No one will enter!  I swear to you that Moshe won’t enter.  No one will enter!  Who will enter?  ‘Who and who’ are going!

“Who [MI=50] and who [MI=50] are going [116], [50+50+116=] are 216.  [Yehoshua] Bin Nun [158] and [6] Calev [52] = 216.  I only see that these two are entering – because these two had nullification to the Tzaddik in truth.  Only someone who has nullification to the Tzaddik in truth can enter the Land of Israel.”

After the Maariv prayer, the Rav shlit”a continued, saying:

“So there are eight hours to sleep.  Anyone who can fly to Uman and return, that’s the best.  Within two hours arriving in Uman, at 12 am, be there until 3:00 am, at 5:00 am return here.

“At 5:00 everyone must get up and go with bags of scorpions – this time it’s very serious!  We’re going like Rechavam ‘Maaleh Akravim–Scorpions ascents’ – this is the southern border.  ‘And the border of the Emori is from Maaleh Akravim from the Sela and upwards’ (Shoftim 1:36).

“It’s written in Parashat Masei that the border of Israel is scorpions, ‘Your border shall go around south to Maaleh Akravim’ (Bamidbar 34:4).  After this, it’s already outside Israel.  Kadesh Barnea is outside Israel.  Hor HaHar is Kadesh Barnea.  In essence, in the western portion – Atzmona, Chashmona, Atzmon, Tzalmon.”

“Everyone must be here at 5:00 in the morning, without exception, no one shall be absent.”

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