Secrets of Parashat Beshalach with Rabbi Eliezer Berland Shlit”a

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HaRav Eliezer Berland Shlit”a
“And Moshe took along with him the bones of Yosef.” (13:19)
Moshe Rabenu knew the secret that without Yosef Hatzadik there can be no Redemption. He knew that the essence of the Redemption would come about through Yosef, as it says, “And Moshe took along with him the bones of Yosef.” Yosef is the foundation! Yosef is called “Yosef the Tzaddik” for a reason! When Moshe went to redeem Am Yisrael from Mitzrayim, he took with him the bones of Yosef. Moshe knew that there could not be Redemption without Yosef! Even though he is now the Tzaddik of the generation and even though he was well aware of the fact that he would soon bring the Torah down [from Shamayim], he knew that he must first connect to the previous Tzaddik [of the generation]. Even though Moshe Rabbenu was the greatest Tzaddik of that generation and was kodesh kodashim (holiest of holies); he was the one who would bring down the Torah and deliver the ten makos (plagues), nevertheless, he knew that without Yosef there would be no Redemption. He knew that all of the miracles that were about to take place could only come about by means of the bones of Yosef. Moshe could not split apart the sea without the bones of Yosef! Even the greatest Tzaddik in the world, such as Moshe Rabbenu himself, must connect to the Tzaddik previous to him.
People think that they don’t need the tzaddik. Why do they need the Tzaadik? We have everything we need, Tahini salad, someBaba ghanoush’… what do we need the Tzaddik for? We have plenty of beetroot, plenty of potatoes, baruch Hashem, enough to last us our lifetime, till 120 years! Till Techiyas Hameisim(the Revival of the Deceased)! People simply do not realize that everything they have in this world is by merit of the Tzaddik. Everything happens by the influence of the Tzaddik! People think they get their abundance on their own. They have no idea that there is a Tzaddik making an impression on the world and that the Tzaddik is alive here with us, praying for us. They don’t realize that everything that happens in the world is by merit of the Tzaddik and his prayers. If the Tzaddik were not in the world, we would have nothing! There would not even be grass to eat! Moshe was the only one who knew that secret.
“And Moshe took along with him the bones of Yosef.” At the time that Am Yisrael was taking the loot [of the Egyptians], Moshe was seeking out the Tzaddik. He sought out the bones of Yosef because he knew that all of the wealth comes by merit of Yosef. He took with him the bones of Yosef in order to draw chessed – kindness down into the world. He knew that the world is satiated via Yosef, as he was the one who sustained the world at the time of the famine. If a person would have faith in the Tzaddik, he could attain all the wealth in the world, since all the salvations and all of the abundance, everything we eat and drink, etc., everything we have in the world is only by merit of the Tzaddikim.

What is the meaning of the verse, “From the end of the earth we heard songs, ‘The righteous shall be praised’”? What do those words mean? The Zohar Hakadosh says, in Parshas Vayelech (284 pg.2), “The whole world sings and praises the Tzaddik.” The world sings, literally! From every corner of the world there shall be singing! The whole world sings to the Tzaddik and praises him, “We heard songs; the righteous shall be praised.” The whole world sings about the Tzaddik who supports all of the worlds; the whole world sings to the Tzaddik who is on the level of Moshe Rabbenu. As Am Yisrael were entering Eretz Yisrael they heard singing from every corner of the world; from every corner, every side, every grain of sand, every stone, from the mountains and the hills they heard the singing, it came from all over the land. The entire land was singing, ‘the righteous shall be praised.’ “The praises of Moshe”, everyone was singing to the Tzaddik called, “Moshe”. Everyone is singing to the Tzaddikim that are the aspect of Moshe. No thought or idea can take control over such Tzaddikim. All of the worlds look forward to the revelation of these Tzaddikim; everyone is singing “praises of Moshe”. Everything is by merit of Moshe! Everything is by merit of the Tzaddik! The whole world sings and praises the Tzaddik, literally!

The first thing a Jew must know is in whose merit the world exists and in whose merit the world is sustained. The world exists by merit of the “Tzaddik Yesod Olam” (the Tzaddik who is the foundation of the world). People must seek out the true Tzaddikim in whose merit the world exists. One must search the world over to find out who is the real Tzaddik by whose merit the world is sustained. This is the first thing people must learn; it is the foundation for the observance of the whole Torah, because people usually say, “Well, there are many Tzaddikim, of course everyone are Tzaddikim!” However, there are Tzaddikim who are outstanding in their time, a one of a kind and they are the ones who have an influence on the water, the manna and the Clouds of Glory. They are the ones who protect Am Yisrael from all harm; they are protecting us, and no one else! This is the first foundation which is the foundation of all foundations. One must not have self pride and think that he does everything by himself; rather, he should know that there are Tzaddikim that are the causes of everything! The world exists because of them and by their merit the world is sustained, and this is the foundation and observance of the whole Torah.
Good Shabbos!
Dedicated in loving memory of the young tzaddekes, Feige Chana bas Daniella, (may her parents find peace after their grieving, amen.)

Rabbi Eliezer BerlandRabbi Eliezer Berland

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