Parshat Ve’etchanan: Uman, Rosh Hashana

Parshat Ve’etchanan: Preparing for Uman, Rosh Hashana!

Reposting from July 27, 2018, to underscore the importance of being in Uman for this Rosh Hashana, despite all the tremendous obstacles.


The Rebbe says: “My Rosh Hashana is greater than anything! It’s surprising to me that as those who are close to me believe in me, then why aren’t all the people who are close to me careful to all be [with me] on Rosh Hashana? No one should be missing!”

“Why don’t they make a proclamation, and an announcement and a noise in the world that everyone should travel to Uman for Rosh Hashana?! No one should be missing! And we need to fight for this with mesirut nefesh (self-sacrifice).”

When we travel to the holy and awesome tziyon (burial place), where the spirit of Moshiach ben David is hidden and concealed…which blows on all of the travelers that come to Rabbenu HaKadosh, the awesomely holy Rebbe, when they travel there with a mindset of making true teshuva and repentance, from the depths of their heart.

[And when they make teshuva] About everything that happened to them over the course of the year, and over all the years, from the first day they could think until now; from the time of the sin of Adam HaRishon, and all the other gilgulim (reincarnations) until now.

And when we come back [to God] and make true teshuva, and we really repent from the depths of our hearts, from the aspect of “From the depths, I called out to you” – from those deepest depths. From those depths that Am Yisrael still hasn’t even yet reached.

Rabbenu can still raise you up from wherever you fell to

Because even a person’s sin have reached to over his head, and have become as numerous as the grains of sand, and as deep as the depths of the ocean, Rabbenu HaKadosh still has the ability to pull him out by his side-curls, that they still didn’t remove, and to raise him up to highest of heights.

During this awesome visit [to Uman], if we truly and innocently take it upon ourselves not to return to our sins, and we take it upon ourselves to really guard our eyes, and to finish the whole of Shas, and to read all the books of Rabbenu Hakadosh, and all the books of Moharanat, Rabbi Natan of Breslov, and the rest of the holy books, too, then we prepare vessels for Rabbenu HaKadosh.

Then it’s possible for him to inspire us with the infinite light, the light of ein sof, the polished light that will shine down on us, as he promised: ‘to make you like me, mamash’, which is the aim and the purpose of inspiring us with the light of ein sof.

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When we travel to Rabbenu, we receive yirat shemayim (fear of Heaven)! Rabbenu says: “I am a treasure house of yirat shemayim”. An angel is created with every footstep we take to get to Rabbenu! Every step we take on behalf of the tzaddik brings us yireh (fear of Heaven). Every single movement we make for Rabbenu creates angels!

Even just from making the trip by itself, we will merit to obtain a huge light, because Rabbenu is fire. When we travel to Rabbenu, we travel on paths of fire, Rabbenu is the pillar of flame, Rabbenu HaKadosh is a burning fire for Hashem!

Everyone wants to go to Uman

Everyone wants to go to Rabbenu, people make a lot of self-sacrifice to go to Rabbenu. They leave everything behind. Everyone knows in this generation that Rabbenu HaKadosh is the Tzaddik HaEmet, the True Tzaddik.

Because Rabbenu HaKadosh has no connection with this world. He never listened to it, nothing ever interested him in this world, he never, ever looked at the world.

The Rebbe says: I didn’t look?! What, do you think that I’m blind?! In truth, I have eyes! I have eyes that can see from one end of the world to the other. We are travelling to such a Tzaddik, who can see from one side of the world to the other; to such a Tzaddik who can heal all the illnesses in the world – there is no sickness that he can’t heal.

On Rosh Hashana, our parnassa will be arranged, the souls of our children will be nourished and revived, [we’ll receive] all the miracles that we need for every area of our lives.

If a person believes in Rabbenu, and believes in Rosh Hashana, then there is no miracle that cannot be worked for him, and for his friends, and for his wife, down all the generations. There is nothing that can’t be sorted out on Rosh Hashana, if you will only go and stand in the tziyon in truth, seriously, and don’t wander around, and don’t go out for trips.

Then it’s possible to fix everything. No gate is shut. It’s possible to merit to get every salvation required, both for him and for all of Am Yisrael.

Everyone is dependent upon Rosh Hashana

The Rebbe says: “My Rosh Hashana is a big chiddush (novelty). Hashem Yitbarach knows that this thing is not an inheritance that I received from my forefathers; He just gave it to me as a present, that I know what Rosh Hashana really is. You are not the only ones who are dependent upon my Rosh Hashana – the whole world depends on my Rosh Hashana!”

The Rebbe is calling out loudly, from the depths of his heart!

What are we going to say?

There is nothing greater than this. [Rebbe Nachman says] Whoever comes to me on Rosh Hashana, they can receive tikkunim (spiritual rectifications) that are impossible to come by the whole rest of the year.

You have nothing to worry about!…I rectified everything for you on Rosh Hashana.

All [your issues], I fixed!


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