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Pidyon Nefesh: What is it?


Pidyon Nefesh
Believing is Seeing

The following is an article from Shirat Devorah blog:

I’ve had some recent correspondence about something called ”Pidyon Nefesh” – which means ”Redemption of the Soul”. This involves giving money – sometimes a very large amount of money -to a known tzadik, in order to mitigate a spiritual judgement which is affecting that person in the form of an illness.

Rabbi Nachman teaches [Likutei Moharan 180], “Money is an aspect of dinim [judgments], and the dinim can only be sweetened at their source.” “The most important thing is not to be miserly when giving a pidyon, so that none of the dinim should remain unsweetened. A person must give what he is told to give. Only the Tzaddik knows which dinim are on a person.”

The way it works is that if a person has been judged in Shamayim, either in this life or even from a past life, for something that he or she has done, they suffer from illness or other calamity as a tikkun [correction]. By paying money to the tzadik, this atones for the original wrongdoing, and a doctor is then able [i.e. given permission from Shamayim] to heal the person.

”There are 24 Heavenly Courts that judge a person in Shamayim. There is one tzaddik in a generation that can influence all 24 Heavenly Courts. Rav Kaduri is quoted as saying he had governance over 5-6 Heavenly Courts, so if the judgement causing the problem occurred in one of those 5-6, he could help a person. otherwise, he’d send people to Rav Berland [who is the one in the generation who has access to all 24 Heavenly Courts] to help them where he couldn’t. Rav Mordechai Sharabi also used to send people to Rav Berland for help – even 40 years back, when Rav Berland was a complete unknown.”

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