Please, please open your hearts

Rav Nachman Horowitz

Please open your hearts

Before Rosh Hashana, we shared the story of Rav Nachman Horowitz, scion of Rav Shmuel Horowitz, z”tl, who was one of the elders of the previous generation of Breslev chassidut. We explained how Rav Nachman’s house burnt down, leaving him and his family in terrible straits, unable to do the necessary renovation works that would enable them to return home.

The family lost everything in that terrible blow, and they’ve suffered many other difficulties since then, including having a child hospitalized after he broke down from the terrible stress of being homeless.

(You can read the interview with Rav Horowitz for yourself, HERE.)

In the meantime, Rav Horowitz himself is suffering for Am Yisrael in ways that we can’t possibly imagine. For the past week and a half he has been bedridden, unable to get up due, to severe, chronic problems with his leg which are causing him excruciating pain.

Again, Rav Horowitz hasn’t been able to finish the very basic renovations required for him to get the electricity fixed in his home, due to lack of funds. The family is living in desperate poverty and they cannot even pay for his therapy or medication.

Please, please open your hearts, and please do all you can financially and with prayers for Rav Eliyahu Nachman ben Serach Miriam Gitel and his family.

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