A prayer for abundant parnassah

Prayer for abundant parnassah

A Prayer for an Abundant Parnassah

From Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita.

 Master of the Universe, Omniscient One, who isn’t lacking in anything, send me an abundance of Parnassah, as was promised by Eliyahu 52 Hanavi 68 Zahur 233 [whose rememberance] Latov 47 [shall be for a blessing] = 400 who was Tehor 220 [pure] Einayim 180 [in his gaze] = 400.

 And who studied Torah day and night, as it is written in the verse, “Lo 31 [It shall not]  Yichbeh 37 [be extinguished] Balaylah 77 [at night] Nerah 255 [it’s candle] = 400.”

And I shall merit the promise of “Kad 24 [The pitcher] Hakemach 153 [of flour] Lo 31 [didn’t] Chalta 455 [become consumed] Vetzapachat 584 [and the flask] Hashemen 395 [of oil] Lo [wasn’t] 31 Chasar 268 [lacking (anything)] = 1941.” 

And I shall merit being “Az 77 [Strong] Kanamer 310 [like a leopard], Kal [light] 130 Kanesher 570 [like an eagle], Ratz 290 [swift] Katzvi 122 [like a deer], Gibor 211 [(and) mighty] Ka’ari 231 [like a lion] = 1941 to do the will of our Father in Heaven. 

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