A Prayer for when the baby is crying during brit milah

Brit milah prayer
A prayer to recite during a brit milah

A Prayer to Say When the Baby is Crying During a Brit

Rav Eliezer Berland, shilta, wrote the following touching and special prayer to recite  when the baby is crying when we bring him into the covenant of Avraham Avinu:

 Master of the Universe, Omniscient One, allow me the right to truly fully repent, during the moment the baby is crying, and by this shall I merit to enter with my body into Gan Eden [124 =177], like David [14] Hamelech, Alav Hashalom, and Serach [508] Bat [402] Asher [501 =1,435].

And by means of this (I should fulfill), “And by (her) pleading [Vata’an 526]  them [Lahem 75]; (indeed it is was she) Miryam [290] to sing [Shiru 516] to Hashem [LaHashem 56 =1,463]” and learn Torah daily [Yomam 96] and nightly [Valayla 81 =177].”

And may I merit through the merit of Amram and Yocheved who had two sons and a daughter predecease them, and despite that accepted everything with love, and who fulfilled the verse, “You extended [Natita 469] your right hand [Yemincha 130] and it was swallowed [Tivlaemo 548] by the earth [Aretz 291 = 1,438].”

And by this may we feel the love of [Ahavat 408] Hashem [26] for [Et 401] Bnei [62] Yisrael [541 = 1,438] by means of, “Happy [Ashrei 511] is the wise one [Maskil 400] (who looks) to [El 31] the poor [Dal 34] on the day [Beyom 58] that is bad (for him) [Ra’a 275]; their release (is utterly done by) [Yemaltayhu 100] Hashem [26 =1,435],.”

And by this, “Serve [Ivdu 82] Him [Oto 413] with piety [Betamim 492] and with truth [Uve’emet 449 = 1,436],and (see that), “The redemption [Utshuat 1,482] of Tzadikkim [254 = 1,436] is from Hashem.”

And by merit of the baby’s crying, “Indeed [Ken 70] subjugate [Yichboshu 338] your compassion [Rachameicha 278] over [Et 401] your anger [Ka’ascha 170] from our midst [Mealaynu 206 =1,463].”

And by this means shall it be established for us the verse, “When [Ki 30] you go out [Tetzeh 491] to war [Lamilchama 153] on [Al 100] your enemies [Oyveicha 49] and they will be given over [Unetano 512] by Hashem [26] your G-d [Elokeicha 66] into your hands [Beyadcha 38 =1,463].”

For Hashem is One [Echad 1] and, “This is a generation [Dor 210] and their generations [Dor 210] and its followers [Vedorshav 532], a generation [Dor 210] and thier generations [Dor 210] and its wise men [Vachachamav 90 =1,463].”


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