Prayer for a baby with serious health issues

Rabbi Berland’s Prayer For A Baby With Serious Health Issues

The following is translated from Rabbi Eliezer Berland’s compendium of prayers in the Refuah Shleimah booklet. To get the prayer in the original Hebrew, you can buy the booklet HERE.


Master of the world who can do anything, “the ancient one (581) of all (54) ancient ones (640), the hidden one (511) of all (54) hidden ones (570)” = 2300. Please Hashem who is one (1), “the one who guides us (335) over (100) the altars (448) of our enemies (85) and raise up (256) our glory (406) above (100) all (50) those who hate us (423)” = 2204.

Please, “Creator (209) of healing (693) awesome (257) in praise (841)”, in the merit of the Tzadik (204) = 2204 the foundation of the world Rabbenu Nachman the son of Simcha the son of Feige.

Heal ……………., so he will be healed in the blink of an eye, and he will begin to speak by himself, and to crawl normally like all children, and may he walk and talk at the right time, and may his bump go down by itself, and may he hear normally like all children, and he shouldn’t need any hearing aid G-d forbid, and also the hole in his heart should close by itself.

And may we merit an apartment in the blink of an eye in Jerusalem the holy city, our own apartment without any debts and without any obstacles at all.

And may we merit to find favor and kindness in the eyes of all, like it says, Hashem who is one (1), “and it was (421) that Esther (661) found (751) favor (58) in the eyes (142) of all (50) who saw her (206)” = 2300.

Please Hashem who is One, “who says (211) and does (387), who speaks (251) and fulfils (196) whose every (350) word (218) is true (441) and just (200)” = 2300.

And may we merit that all our prayers that we have requested will be received, and may we merit to bring into the world the soul of Moshiach the son of Yosef, Moshiach the son of David, ‘and please may my words find favor before the Master of all’.


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