Prayer for Rebbe Nachman’s Birthday 5783 – R’ Eliezer Berland Shlit”a


Prayer for Rabbeinu’s birthday, 251 years since his birth

Ribbono Shel Olam – Master of the World, Who can do everything, and that nothing can impede [Your] purpose from You, in the completion of 251 years since the birth of Rabbeinu [5532 to 5783], this is the year of the revelation of the King Mashiach, and the coming of the dove of Noach, that it is said about it, “And it did not return to him anymore,” and it concealed itself in the Chamber of the Bird’s Nest.  And now, at the moment of today, that our holy and awesome Rebbe was born, this is the moment of the revelation of Mashiach ben David, and the dove will come and place a crown of pure gold on his head, as it is written, “For You anticipate him with blessings of good; You place on his head a crown of fine gold,” because Mashiach will don a crown of gold, and the dove of Noach, which comes from the Garden of Eden, from the Chamber of the Bird’s Nest, will place [it] on his head, will place on his head a crown of fine gold, of pure gold.  Because only our holy and awesome Rebbe knows how to join the heels of Leah with the crown of Rachel, and to turn the sole of Leah into the crown of Rachel, and about this, it is said, “Trembling gripped the powers of Moav” [274], that through the joining of Leah and Rachel [274], fear and terror will fall on the dwellers of Cana’an; “Trembling gripped the powers of Moav; terror gripped the dwellers of Philistia.”  And then it is said “Moav is my washbasin; upon Edom will I cast my shoe.”  Why not “my spear” or “my lance,” why specifically “my shoe.”  Rather, this is the crown of Rachel which turned into the shoe of Leah, and this shoe, Hashem will throw onto Edom, and then will be the downfall of Edom, after Yishmael conquers Jerusalem, and will try to conquer Edom, which is Rome.  And then all Edom will come from all the ends of the earth to wage war with Yishmael, and they will annihilate Yishmael, and then also Edom will be annihilated, as is brought in the Zohar, VaEra 32.  And no trace will remain, not of Edom, and not of Yishmael, and then “Hashem will be king over the entire earth; on that day, Hashem will be one and His name will be one.”

Because only Rabbeinu can defeat all the heretics, in all their varieties, like Rabbeinu prophesized about in 5570, that there is going to be great heresy in the world, and no one will be able to deal with this – only someone who will hold onto Rabbeinu, because everyone will be drawn into the inferno, and there will be no one to stop them, only those who are close to Rabbeinu, and the verse will be fulfilled in them: But I will leave over 7,000 who did not kneel to Ba’al [as is brought in “Hesed L’Avraham” ma’ayan shlishi, eiyn ha’aretz, Nahar 22, page 27].

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