Prayer for the New Moon – Adar Alef, 5782 – R’ Eliezer Berland Shlit”a

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Prayer for the renewal of the moon (Molad) for the Hebrew month of Adar I (the first Adar of this year, which is a leap year), which this year will fall on this coming Tuesday, 30 Shevat (February 1) at 2:46 pm.

“Rosh Chodesh Adar Alef, 30th of Shevat, Tuesday, all the gates of the heavens of the 50th Gate are opened, and tomorrow, Wednesday, the 1st of Adar Alef – the initial letters of Reisha D’lo Eityedeh [the head which is unknown], Rosh Devarchah Emet [Your very first word is truth], two times Hallel.

“The new moon is Tuesday 2:46 in the afternoon, and 16 Chalakim [approximately 53 seconds].  16 alludes to the Tablets of the Covenant, whose length is 6, width is 6, and the thickness of the two together is 6.  And the two of them correspond to Menashe and Ephraim – Ephraim an aspect of Mashiach ben David, and Menashe an aspect of Mashiach ben Yosef.

“And the two of them correspond to the sign of Fishes [e.g. Pisces], which alludes to the two Leviathans – the male Leviathan and the female Leviathan, that in her merit are all the influences, which allude to Yocheved bat Levi.  The Zohar, Parashat Shelach Lecha daf 175, says the Leviathan is Yocheved bat Levi, the daughter of the Leviathan, who the 50th Gate was revealed to, and so she merited to draw down the soul of Moshe Rabbeinu a”h, because on the 7th he was born, and on the 7th he departed to his world, and was included in the 50th Gate.

“As the holy Shla says, ‘He buried him in the valley [גיא],’ which in the AT-BaSh [cipher] is RaMaT, that he was buried in ‘Ramat HaPisga’ – numerical value [of Pisga] — Nachman.

“’And no man knew his burial place until this day,’ because he was buried on Har Nevo – Nun-Bo [50 is in it], that he was included in the 50th Gate, and at the moment of his passing all the secrets of the Torah were revealed to him, and also the secrets of the Red Heifer.

“Therefore the heifer of Moshe was sufficient for over 900 years, and its ashes are mixed into all the ashes of all the heifers until the revival of the dead.

“In the merit of us meriting in the month of Adar to turn into ‘dust and ashes,’ we will merit to the complete redemption speedily in our days, Amen.

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