Prayer for the New Moon for Today at 5:43 pm

Today, at Wednesday 29 Av at 5:43 pm and 17 Chalakim, there will be the Molad (the New Moon) of the month of Elul.  The prayer which our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a wrote for the Molad:

Prayer for the Molad of Elul, Wednesday afternoon, 5:43 and 17 Chalakim

At the Molad of Elul, which will be Wednesday afternoon at 5:43 and 17 Chakakim, the Temple must be built already, the Third Temple, a Temple of fire about which it is said [Chagai 2:9] “The glory of this last Temple will be greater than the first, said Hashem, Master of Legions, and I will grant peace to this place, the word of Hashem, Master of Legions.”  The first Temple is of stones, which will descend from Heaven, and the last Temple is the Temple of fire which will surround the Temple of stones, and only true Tzaddikim will merit to see the glory of the Temple of fire which will surround the Temple of stone, and the rest of the people will only merit to see cloud and mist which surround the Temple.  And this is what is said in the Haftarah of Reah of Shabbat Mevarchim [last Shabbat], “O afflicted, storm-tossed one, who has not been consoled: Behold, I will set down gems as your [flooring] stones and lay your foundation with sapphires.  I will set your window [frames] with Kadkod and [make] your gates of carbuncle stones, and your entire boundary of precious stones.”  Rabbi Yochanan said that in the future, the Kadosh Baruch Hu will bring Kadkod stones the size of thirty cubits by thirty cubits and will cut from them twenty cubits by ten, and stand them up at the gates of Jerusalem.  And they themselves are the Kadkod stones about which Michael and Gavriel disagreed in Heaven.   And on earth, the two sons of Rabbi Chiya — who could revive the dead — whether the Kadkod stones are the Shoham stones on which are engraved “Yosef,” or the Yashfeh stones on which are engraved the name of Binyamin.  And they are made of all the colors and of all the seven colors of the rainbow, and Hashem stands them up at the gates of Jerusalem, and Jerusalem with have twelve gates, and on each gate is engraved the name of one of the tribes, and each person will need to serve in the gate which belongs to his tribe, but not every person will be able to pass through his gate, only one who is clean and pure from any dross and blemish and from any foreign thought, chas v’shalom — only he can come into the Sanctuary of Hashem, for Jerusalem on high is not like Jerusalem below.  [In] Jerusalem below, anyone who wants to enter can enter, but Jerusalem of the future world only one who is truly pure from all dross and blemish and who has no stain on them will be able to enter, and about them it is said, (Chagai 2:23), “On that day — the word of Hashem, Master of Legions — I will take you, Zerubavel ben She’altiel [Yehoyachin who is called She’altiel] My servant — the word of Hashem — and I will make you like [My] signet ring; for you have I chosen — the word of Hashem, Master of Legions.”

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