Prayer for the New Moon – Marcheshvan 5783 from R’ Eliezer Berland Shlit”a

The New Moon for Sameach-Ron Choshen-Mor, the mystery of Choshen Mishpat, will be on Tuesday, 10:23 am, before noon, 7 Chalakim (about 23 seconds).  And then the Temple of fire will descend

Ribono Shel Olam – Master of the World, Who is capable of everything, let us merit to see how the Temple of fire descends on the new moon of Mar-Cheshvan, because then is the time that the Third Temple of fire will be built, in the sign of Akrav (Scorpio).  And this is what King Rechavam said, “My father chastised you with sticks, and I will chastise you with scorpions,” that he sent to each person scorpions to serve Hashem, to rise before there was blue in the sky, because then it is possible to sweeten all the decrees and to turn everything to good.  Therefore, we are obligated to go with a thread of techeilet, and fulfill in us the verse, “Behold, I will set down gems [puch[1]] as your [flooring] stones and lay your foundations with sapphires.”  The Zohar, Pekudei 240, says [that] if one puts puch on their eyes, they will merit to see how the Temple of fire descends.  And therefore, thread of techeilet (plus 1 for the kollel=1371), numerical value is “Then to You I raised my eyes,” “One who learns in order to teach is given the means to learn and to teach” = 1371, because then in the month of Marcheshvan, in the merit of the thread of techeilet = 1370, it will be fulfilled “And the wolf will dwell with the sheep, the leopard with the young goat will lie down” = 1370, because there is none like our Father in Heaven, the Rock of Israel and its Redeemer = 1370.  And then we will see anew all the voices of the Ten Commandments, as it is written, “All the people were seeing the voices” = 1370.

[1] Usually identified with the Nofech, one of the 12 stones of the Breastplate of the Kohen Gadol.  This was a black stone, but in some sources is said to be a brilliant red, or blue.  It is variously identified as a carbuncle, red garnet, ruby, or emerald.

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