Prayer Gatherings Outside Ayalon Ramla Prison for Release of R’ Eliezer Berland shlit”a

Gathering Ayalon Prisonn

In an arbitrary and outrageous move, our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a was returned to Ayalon Penitentiary in Ramla in spite of his precarious state of health and the fact that the move to release him to house arrest was already under way.  From then on, his students and many supporters, fed up with  this atrocious conduct, have paid visits to the gates of Ayalon Prison, and even organized prayer gatherings there.

In the presence of the Rabbis of the community and a gathering of Chasidim, they chanted seven Tikkun Clalli’s.  In the end, everyone joined together in holy dancing to sweeten evil decrees.

In front of the Ayalon complex in Ramla, a complex of tents was set up, and the public is invited to strengthen the holy gathering outside the place of the exile of our Rebbe the Rav shlit”a.

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