Prayer Rally for Rav Berland Today at Kotel

During the last Shabbat, Parashat Shemini, our Rebbe Rav Berland shlit”a did not take part in the prayers of Shabbat with the community, the Rav requiring rest due to his medical condition.  Please prayer for the speedy recovery of Rav Eliezer ben Etiyah shlit”a.

Likewise, bezrat Hashem, today Sunday, a prayer rally will be held for the Rav at the Kotel at 5:00 pm in the afternoon.

Below is an update about the Rav’s health situation from his assistant Rav Dov Zuker, given over on Friday:

Baruch Hashem, the Rav shlit”a returned to his home today [Friday] in the morning for rest.  [This was] after yesterday afternoon, [when] the blood tests came in which showed that his medical situation requires treatment and monitoring in the hospital.  Therefore, in the last day, he stayed in the hospital in order to stabilize the [health] rates.  With God’s help, the rates stabilized and after the consent of the doctors according to the request of our Rebbe the Rav shlit”a, he returned to his home for Shabbat Kodesh, only he will not come out to the community for the prayers of Shabbat, because he is in need of a great deal of rest, because of which on the night of Bedikat Chametz [the night before Passover], he went through minor surgery to replace a pacemaker, and being that he sacrificed himself for the community to come out for every single prayer, and did not even skip over the mitzvah of Aliyah L’Regel [i.e. going to the Kotel during Passover]; this exertion brought about a rise in the [health] rates and to the present situation.

This is the place to arouse the public to continue to prayer continuously for our Rebbe the Rav shlit”a, whether in “Refa’einu” [in the Amidah] or by saying three Tikkun HaKlali’s as our Rebbe the Rav shlit”a instructed, so that we may merit that he will remain with us healthy and complete until the coming of the righteous Redeemer, speedily in our days, Amen.

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