A prayer to say for the Molad of Adar 5778

Prayer for Molad Adar 5778

A Prayer for the Molad of Adar 5778

By Rav Eliezer Berland Shlita 

The Molad will be on Thursday afternoon at 2:48 pm (Jerusalem time) and three chalakim

 Master of the Universe, Omniscient One, during the Molad of Chodesh Adar on Yom Chamishi afternoon at 2:48 pm and three chalakim, allow us to merit to enter Nikrat Hatzur [the crevice in the rock], which has the light of Ein Sof; [a never-ending] light, which is the light of the seven days, the light of Reisha Delo Atyada [Initially there wasn’t any knowledge (of Him)].” 

This is an acronym for Adar.

 And may I merit from now on to be found all of my days within Nikrat Hatzur [the crevice in the rock] and to never leave that place forever.

Since the Ohr Haganuz [Hidden Light], the light of the seven days is found there; the light which hasn’t ever been abandoned; the light which Hakadosh Baruch Hu Himself used to build His world; the light which encompasses the entire world from its beginning until its end;  is the green line which renews months, the green line that is revealed specifically on Chodesh Adar, since Esther (Hamalka) was ‘greenish’ for she merited to be “Chavatzelet Hasharon  Shoshanat Ha’amakim (which is a reference to beautiful flowers on the Sharon plain and in the valleys of Israel).”

And she merited being included in the green line that encircles the entire world from its beginning until its end; the green line that extends from Nikrat Hatzur [the crevice in the rock].

Since on Chodesh Adar the green line that extends from the light of Ein Sof [Infinity] illuminates even more so than on any other month of the year.  And then during this month the Ba’alei Kabin [Masters of Measure*] are revealed.

All of their days they are walking on stilts in order to not Chas Veshalom touch impure land which is saturated with the Jewish blood of hundreds and millions of Jews from all of the generations.

And therefore, Chodesh Adar, which is the secret of the Livyatan [whale] which killed the female and castrated the male, shows us that during Chodesh Adar the forces of impurity are halted from being able to spread out in the world and swallow it, and rather are “Venahafoch Hu [fulfilling its opposite].”

And the holiness prevails over the impurity and completely consumes it and completely swallows it up until no remnant is left over.

And then on Chodesh Adar the verse is fulfilled, “And it was (on that day) that the House of Yaakov shall be for a fire and the House of Yosef for a flame, and the House of Eisav for straw that will catch fire and be consumed.”

  • This is a Hebrew play on words for something which can be seen as a euphemism for simple walking stilts.


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