Prayer to avoid a kidney transplant

Rabbi Berland’s Prayer For Strong Kidneys

Master of the world, who can do anything, from whom nothing is withheld, it is You who is, “the mainstay (460) and the assurance (65) of the righteous (284)” +1 = 810, Kel (31), Elokim (86), Hashem (26) –

Send a complete (375) recovery (292) = 810 to …………….. so that they will not need a kidney transplant, and their kidneys will become completely healthy, and will be strong as necessary, day and night all 120 years.

Father (3) unique (32) in His way (108), send a complete (375) recovery (292) = 810 in the blink (305) of an eye (130) = 435 in the merit of the Tzadik (209) the foundation (80) of the world (146) = 435.

And in the merit of this may I merit to love You a love (13) without (42) limits (380) = 435, day and night without pause. Amen.


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