Prayer to be saved from anti-semitism

#684 Rav Berland’s Prayer to be Saved From Anti-Semitism

Ribono shel olam, Master of the World, who can do anything and from whom nothing is lacking.

The whole time that we are in the galut (exile) amongst the nations, please save us from anti-semitism, and the hatred of the non-Jews.

And do with them only good, and by way of this, [they will] draw close to serving You, worshipful One, day and night.

And then the Torah will be learnt day and night, and by way of this, we will enter Gan Eden with our bodies.

As it says in the Gemara, in Tractate Pesachim, page 87:

That a priest asked Rebbe Hanina, what are we thinking about, 24 hours a day? [Rebbe Hanina] responded, For 24 hours a day, you are only thinking about how annihilate all of the Jews!

The priest answered him, I swear, I am in the Roman army, and we start the day with this, and we finish the day with this, and this is all of our preoccupation and thinking, and our aspiration and hope, how to get rid of this nation, in the blink of an eye.

And in the merit that they don’t succeed, and that we continue to stand up in this test, and that we accept everything with love, in the merit of this, Moshiach ben David should come in the blink of an eye.


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