Prayer to be Saved from the Craving for Food, Especially from Carbohydrates and Sugar

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov writes in Likutey Etzot 12:

“When a person overeats, he is like an animal, because the definition of a person is that he eats only according to what he needs, and when he eats more, it’s the act of an animal mamash.  Through this, that he overeats, he can come to the illness of Malaria, may the Merciful One save us.”

Below is a new prayer written by our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a to be saved from the craving for food, that we shouldn’t be like animals, especially from carbohydrates and sugar, which can badly harm a person’s health:

Ribbono shel Olam — Master of the World, Who can do everything, and that nothing can impede [Your] purpose from You, let me merit to the suffering of the Brit Milah when I eat, and that I should not be like “like a horse, like a mule, uncomprehending,” and that I should not tolerate bread to eat, and not biscuits, and not waffles, that they are all from the side of the tree of death.  And that I should no longer fall into the tree of death.  And that I should only say the Tikkun HaKlali day and night (177), and through this, I should merit to enter the Garden of Eden with my body (177), like Serach bat Asher, and Batya bat Pharaoh, and Eliezer Eved Avraham, and King Hiram of Tzur, and Yehoshua ben Levi, who learned with those sick with ra’atan.

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  1. Phonétique

    Ribono Chèl ‘Olam kol yakhol asher yibatser mimekha mézimah, zakeni léyisourim chel bériyat milah kéchéani okhek, vélo ehyeh “kesous képhèred ein havin”, vélo okhel lekhem léekhol, vélo vissqétim, vélo vavphlim, chèém koulam mitsad Ilana Démota, véraq omar Tikoun Haklali yomam valayla = 177, vé’al yedei zeh èzkèh léhikaness léGan Édèn ‘im goufi = 177, kémo Serach bat Asher, OuBatyah bat Par’oh, véEliezer èvéd Avraham, véChiram Mèlekh Tzor, viYehochou’a ben Lévi chèlamad ‘im ‘holei raatan.


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