Pray for the People of Jerusalem

Prayer for hitsbodedus

Rabbi Eliezer Berland’s prayer to merit to hisbodedus every day and to prayer for the people of Jerusalem (#770).

Please, Compassionate and Gracious, let me merit to do hisbodedus before You every day for a whole hour, without remission, and to long and yearn for You in truth, and to think about You all twenty-four hours, and the name Havaya won’t depart from before my eyes for even a second, and let me merit to pray for Jerusalem, the holy city, and for its residents, that no harm nor stumbling-block should befall them, as it’s said, “For the sake of Zion I won’t be silent, and for the sake of Jerusalem I won’t be quiet until its righteousness will emerge like a glowing light, and its salvation will burn like a torch,” until I merit to see You face-to-face, as it’s said, “You appeared [to us] so as to know that Hashem is God, there is none other.”

Prayer for hitsbodedus

Prayer for hisbodedus back

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