Prayer to say while building the Succah

The biggest succah in the world, 5778

Rabbi Eliezer Berland’s Prayer to Say While Building the Succah

Master of the World, Who can do anything.

May I merit to make a Succah that will be in the aspect of the Beit HaMikdash, in the aspect of the Holy of Holies.

And may I merit through the Succah to rise up to Adam Kadmon of Adam Kadmon, as per the secret of: “And the children of Israel went out with a raised hand” = 245, which is the same as Adam Kadmon (= 245).

And when I enter the Succah, the seven ushpizin – who are greater than the angels – should accompany me.

And through building the Succah with the greatest perfection, and awe and happiness, may I merit to see Jerusalem in its greatness and in its glory.

Like it says: “See now that I, it is Me. And there are no ‘gods’ with me.” “And we should hear joy and happiness.” (1897)

And in the merit (433) of the forefathers (409) and in the merit (439) of the Torah (616) = 1897, may I merit to enter into the Succah like the Kohen HaGadol enters the Holy of Holies on Yom Kippur.

And through this, may I merit to find grace and intelligence in other people’s eyes, like Esther HaMalka, like it’s written: “And it was (41) that Esther (661) found (757) grace (58) = 2598 in the eyes of all who saw her.”


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