Protect your home: the Tzaddik’s mezuzah

Rav Berland puts the final touches to a very special mezuzah.


While many of those who have come to daven and pray with the Rav at his home on Ido HaNavi have recently seen some enormous things moving in their lives via their connection to such a holy Tzaddik, not everyone can come and pray with the Rav in Jerusalem.

So Rav Berland has been searching for other routes to benefit Am Yisrael, in a way that’s easier for everyone to grasp. To that end, he’s taken it upon himself to write the last letter in a limited number of very special mezuzot, to bring down more blessings and miracles for Am Yisrael.

In a handwritten note, the Rav wrote:

“All the mezuzahs to be sold under the supervision of the Rav (Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita), the Rav is supervising each and every single apostrophe, and each and every single letter. The Rav will write the final letter [of each mezuzah parchment].

“These mezuzot will bring a bounty of parnassa (financial sustenance) to each and every home, a bounty of billions, and a bounty of salvations, healings and miracles. All the seriously ill people will be healed, all the paralysis will disappear.”

Rav Berland paused to open up a copy of the Zohar Chadash in front of many of the people visiting him, to the section about receiving miracles and salvations. He then continued:

“In the merit of these mezuzot, no affliction, illness or quarrel will enter the holy house where it is affixed to the entrance, and to the entrance of every room. Everyone who buys these mezuzot will have long days, and long years, and will merit to live until 120, amen.”

Thus the handwritten note from Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita, concludes.

If you would like to participate in the rare opportunity to buy one of these very special mezuzot, please contact (if dialling from outside Israel, add +972):  050-418-7241.

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You can also hear Rav Berland talking about these mezuzahs directly by going HERE.

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