Rabbi Berlands miracle stories with English subtitles as spoken by his Lawyer

Amazing Miracle stories about Rabbi Eliezer Berland in prison said over by Rabbi Berlands Attorney Ephraim Dimri at a gathering on January 7th 2017.


“I’m going to tell you some stories that you’re really not going to believe. The Israel Prison Service has now set up a commission of inquiry to find out how prison doors could open without any prison wardens pressing the button… But all these things happened to me, and they’re true.” Dimri says.

He concludes: “There are other stories that can only be told once Rav Berland, shlita, has been freed, bezrat Hashem. If we breathe a word of these stories too soon, the whole of the Israel Prison Service will be up in arms; they’ll have no explanation for how these things occurred. We saw some truly miraculous things there in prison.”

Watch the entire event here https://ravberland.com/live-broadcast-of-rav-eliezer-berland-shlitas-yartzeit-seuda-in-honor-of-rebbe-natan-of-breslov-ztl/


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  1. Thank you so very much for this video, I am so happy to see all those people including the great Rav Shalom Arush doing a seouda around Rav Berland.
    I had the chance to watch lessons given by the Rav chlita on Youtube, and this is exactly what I noticed:
    He takes a book, open a page and find his quotes. Once, he just weighed a book while talking without watching it, then by this simple movement, he realized it was not the correct book. He put his hand in the sea of books in front of him and there he found the proper book. I was overwhelmed for days. He is a man of a unique kind. He has such and elegant soul, we can obviously learn from him just by watching him.
    May Hashem blesses him again and again and again. May Hachem saves him very soon. May Hashem help us to make people of Am Israel to open their eyes to have such a great tzadik. He is beyond nature. He is a man who study Torah, that’s all his life, he is a living Torah, we must respect him for that and we must love him for who he is: Hashem’s creature who loves Israel, and all the human beings. May Hashem delivers him in a very very very close future. Refoua shelema Ha-Rav Eliezer ben Attia Berland, God saves you !


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