Rabbi Kaduri’s Geula Prediction

First hand account of Rabbi Kaduri’s Geula Prediction

Before he passed away in January 2006, Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, zt’l, was known as one of the greatest kabbalist elders of the previous generation. Many years ago, Rabbi Kaduri was asked:  when will the Moshiach come? He responded:

When there will be elections, but there won’t be a government.”

This story was recently widely publicized on the Breaking Israel News website, and was even picked up by international media outlets, but the original source of story was Rabbi Eliyahu Meirav, shlita, who heard it with his own ears from the mouth of Rabbi Kaduri, when he was his gabbai (attendant).

Rabbi Meirav was quoted as saying:

“On one of the occasions when Rabbi Kaduri was receiving questions from the public, one of the talmid chachams from the kollel asked him: ‘When will Moshiach come? And are their signs that will proceed his coming?” Rav Kaduri replied:

“When there will be will elections, but there won’t be a government.”



After this story was published, the Shuvu Banim International website (the Hebrew sister site of ravberland.com)  decided to verify it independently.

We spoke directly to Rabbi Meirav, the former Mayor of the town of Immanuel, and head of the Breslov Kollel in Modiin Illit.

For the first time, Rabbi Meirav agreed to be filmed putting this story on record, in an interview that gives renewed hope to those who are fervently waiting to hear that the geula of Am Israel is truly close at hand.

Rabbi Meirav’s words also makes it a little easier for us to see through the smokescreen surrounding us in this incredibly confusing period of time that we’re currently living through in the State of Israel. In the last elections, even though the current Prime Minister and the ‘right bloc’ clearly won a majority, for some inexplicable reason, the politicians have been unable to form a government.

What’s more, it seems very possible that this same situation could repeat itself again, even after the upcoming elections that will take place in a month and a half, on September 17th, 2019.

You can see Rabbi Meirav speaking for yourselves, in the original Hebrew, above.

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But in the meantime, here’s an English translation of his words:

“The story that I’m about to recount took place around 40 years ago,” begins Rabbi Meirav. “This occurred at the time when I had the privilege and blessing of spending every erev Shabbat with the leading kabbalist, Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri. Rabbi Kaduri was a very awesome and holy man, and even the non-Jews knew about him.”

Rabbi Meirav continues:

“On one of these occasions, some of the hakhamim (Sephardi rabbis) who were with us asked Rabbi Kaduri, zt’l, to reveal when the geula would occur. Rabbi Kaduri responded:

“When there will be elections, but after the elections, they won’t be able to form a government. This is the clear sign of the time of the geula.”

“No-one had any idea what Rabbi Kaduri was really talking about, because always when there are elections, a government is formed afterwards. And everyone knows that even those people who were apparently the biggest enemies before the election, are happy to come together if it means they get to rule.

It’s known that the single biggest concern of the people who are ruling is, first and foremost, that they should continue to rule! I think it was Machiavelli that said this, one of non-Jewish world’s most famous philosophers.

Always after an election, they invent all sorts of reasons and justifications how they can keep the government coalition together – they organize rotations, they call for a ‘unity government’, all in order that even the politicians who most hate each other can achieve their main goal, namely of staying in power.”


Rabbi Meirav continues:

“But here suddenly, something has happened that beggars belief: After the last elections, we saw how the words of the kabbalist and tzaddik, Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, zt’l, were actually vindicated. The political right won an enormous victory. The nation spoke [at the ballot boxes], and everyone was certain that a new, solidly right-wing government would be formed that would last for a long time, and that there would be ‘peace within the camp of Israel’.

“Suddenly, the exact opposite occurred – there is no government! And everyone is hating everyone else, everyone is degrading each other – and so we are once more going to elections.

“As I said, at the time no-one understood Rabbi Kaduri’s words. But in light of what has now happened with these last elections, it’s possible to say that we maybe now have reached the time that Rabbi Kaduri was referring to, with his Ruach HaKodesh (spirit of prophecy), the time when we’ll see, bezrat Hashem, the geula shleima, the full redemption. It could be that this could be happening [now],” concluded Rabbi Meirav.



Before he passed away, the ‘mezuzah Tzaddik’ Rabbi Moshe Ben Tov was invited by a young Binyamin Netanyahu to affix a mezuzah to the doorpost of his office in the Knesset. Rabbi Ben Tov told Netanyahu that he would hand the keys of the Knesset over to the Moshiach.

It could be, that time is fast approaching.


‘Tel Aviv will be destroyed’



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  1. There Americans,( non jews ) who have had dreams of a missile from Iran, only coming from Libya that hits Tel-Aviv . They will hide missiles in other places. I study prophecies, dreams and visions from around the world , different time frames through history. This one I found . Beware of Libya.

    • The orthodox Jewish tradition is based on prophecies being sweetened, if the Jews and the nations of the world do teshuva and return to God.

      We have leaders who can see way more than us ‘regular’ people, and we will continue to follow their guidance, and to keep making teshuva as per their instructions, in order for the decrees to be sweetened. If you take a look over the last few years on this site, you will find many stories and articles showing this ‘sweetening’ happening in action. Also, take a look at One in a Generation Volume II, which explains in detail how Rabbi Berland was warning about Iran’s nuclear weapons program many years before it was on anyone else’s radar.

  2. A second try and no Govt. Amazing prophesy happening before our eyes.
    No one knows the time of HIS coming but we who are watching know we’re close.
    The book of truth given to Daniel (daniel 11) is open and understandable now.
    HE’s coming for HIS people.

  3. Pedro is a idolater. He is refering to idolatry and not to HaShem, Blessed is He. The idolaters love misreading The Book of Daniel.


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