Raising Funds for the Many Yeshivot for Young Men

In “Nechamat Tzion” Institutions, there is individual concern for each and every bachur (young man), that they should receive a traditional education which is suited for them.  In light of this, a variety of special frameworks have been set up for bachurim of different stratum and ages.

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Evening Yeshiva of Nechamat Tzion

This framework is for students in the upper grades in Talmud Torah, to make the most of their free time and to gather every night for learning and review, in addition to other learning in order to enrichen their knowledge in the holy Torah.  Also included are an array of social activities and practical in-depth learning in the books of Rabbeinu Nachman of Breslov.

Yeshivat Chochmah V’Daat

The Yeshiva was founded with the encouragement and blessing of our Rebbe Rav Berland shlit”a.  One of the prized jewels of the community is without a doubt the yeshiva for young men “Chochmah V’Daat.”

In the Yeshiva, there are presently 150 students learning in 3 sederim over the course of the day, which are dedicated to learning in-depth, in-breadth, Musar (ethics and outlook), and Halachah.

The staff of the Yeshiva puts an emphasis on individual guidance for each student who has difficulty, through a staff of teachers who guide the students throughout the year.

Every year, the students are tested on hundreds of pages of Gemara, and at the end of the year a special event is held for distributing certificates with the participation of our Rebbe Rav Berland shlit”a.  The Rabbis who test them express their amazement every year anew at the quality and quantity of knowledge of the students.

It’s worth noting that because of the continuous growth and development of the Yeshiva, the directors of the institutions “jumped into the water” and took onto themselves the heavy responsibility of the high cost of leasing the large building for the students of the Yeshiva.

In the framework of the Yeshiva, there is a Kollel for Avreichim (married Torah students) who learn with and strengthen the bachurim in Torah and fear of Heaven.

The Yeshiva is guided by a choice staff for spiritual guidance, devoted educational professionals who put their eye and heart on the success of each and every student.

Yeshivat Shalhevet HaTorah

This framework is affiliated with Yeshivat “Darchei Chaim” in Har Nof, tailored for students of our community to give everyone the merit of feeling the sweetness of the light of Torah and Mitzvot experientially.  Well-known educators have greatly praised the holy work of this yeshiva.

Yeshivat Tzama Nafshi

The Yeshiva opened its gates under the direction of our Rebbe Rav Berland shlit”a at the beginning of the year 5782, in a beautiful building on Rechov Helene HaMalka renovated at great expense by the institutions.  In the Yeshiva, there are some 30 bachurim, and the staff of the yeshiva don’t spare all efforts for the success of the Yeshiva and its students who aspire to grow in the light of Rabbeinu zy”a.

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The crowing glory of the Yeshiva is the shiur of Rav Yaakov Amazleg shlit”a in the halachot of Shabbat, of running a home, and in Hashkafa (outlook) according to the path of our Rebbe the Rav shlit”a.

Before the eyes of the directors of the institutions stands the goal of the success and realization of the potential of the bachurim.  For this purpose, there are shiurim held on a wide variety of subjects in order to allow the students to acquire wide knowledge in Torah and Halachah.  In addition, there is the group of Thursday nights, in which the bachurim enjoy and ascend higher and higher in Avodat Hashem.

Yeshivat Mitchabrim B’Avodat Hashem (Joining together in serving Hashem)

The framework of the Yeshiva is designed for around 40 bachurim and Avreichim who are graduates of the Yeshiva, coming daily to learn together with consistency the Daf Yomi.  The shiur is given over by Rav Eliyashiv Gelbard shlit”a.  Likewise, there are also social enrichment activities for the bachurim, and special shiurim for the Avreichim in educating children and domestic tranquility.

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