Exclusive video: Rav Berland & Rav Kook: We’re going to have the complete redemption

WATCH: Rav Berland and Rav Dov Kook together: “By seder night, we’re going to bring the geula.”

On Motzae Shabbat, 10th Nisan 5778, two of the nation’s leading Tzaddikim, Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita, and Rav Dov Kook of Tiveria, shlita, met in Holon, at a private home. These two leaders of Am Yisrael made the Kiddush Levana, the blessing on the new moon, together, and then sat down to share a Malaveh Malka meal.

Much of this historic meeting was captured on film, and below, we’re privileged to share with the English-speaking public a free translation of what these two Tzaddikim spoke about.


[The video begins with Rav Berland giving a blessing to Rav Kook]:

Rav Berland said: “Shabbat HaGadol miracles and wonders, miracles that have never been before.”

Rav Kook then asked the Rav for a certain blessing [it’s not clear what he asks for.] Rav Berland then says:

“In gematria, Holon = 100.

Now that Rav Kook came, by leil seder we’re going to bring the geula.”

“Rav Kook is going to bring the light of redemption the light of Moshiach and the light of yetziat Mitzrayim. Like the days when we left Mitzrayim, Hashem is going to show us wonders. We’re going to see wonders that have never been seen since the creation of the world, Bezrat Hashem.

“We’re going to put together the Beit HaMikdash, we already ordered a lamb for the korban. We need to have 10 lambs for all the yeshiva.” [Rav Kook smiles]. “Everyone should donate 50 nis so we can get 10 lambs, so we can bring the 10 Korban Pesach. We’re going to do a Korban Pesach on Har Habayit, mamash.

“We’re going to have the complete redemption, Bezrat Hashem.”

(Rav Berland then makes some comments related to Leah and Rachel, and how the heels of Leah connect to the crown of Rachel, and also talks about the 45 letter name of Hashem, as Rav Kook lowers his head to the floor.)

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Rav Berland then continues: “The whole of Pesach was only made for dancing, for seven days of dancing. BH we’re going to bring the complete redemption.” (The audience says loudly AMEN.)

“Bezrat Hashem, on Seder Night Moshiach will come down, in front of the eyes of everyone, all of Am Yisrael.”

[Someone then asks Rav Berland to bless the homeowner who is hosting the gathering, who has daughters but no sons. Rav Berland blesses him that he should have six boys.”

Rav Berland then continues:

“Now is the moment of the geula, we should do kiddush levana.”

Rav Kook then says: “We should do it now.”

[They go out to do kiddush levana together, and are singing for quite a while before sitting down to the Melavah Malka meal].

Rav Berland, shlita, leans over to Rav Dov Kook, shlita, and says: “He’s bringing Moshiach, he’s opening the way for Moshiach now.”

[Rav Berland then makes more kabbalistic comments about connecting Rachel and Leah, which is the secret of redemption, before continuing:]

“Devorah haNevia is the same gematria as Miriam. In every generation Hashem sends down all the Tzaddikim, in every generation the Tzaddikim come back down. Aaron HaKohen and Moshe. We have a million, billion clouds of glory.”

[Someone else then asks for a blessing from the Rav that he should have a child. The Rav gives him a shehakol bracha to make, and tells him:”

“I Promise you by the end of Chanuka, you’ll have a boy.”

Rav Dov Kook’s own words

(The video then returns to a clip of these two awesome Tzaddikim singing kiddush levana outside, and then Rav Dov Kook is pictured alone at the end of the video, where he says:)

“I merited to understand a little bit of what he said, it’s the deepest of the deep. I’m amazed how the people who follow him and listen to him, how they understand what he’s saying. I understood only a little bit. He’s a genius, he’s a gaon, he’s a computer [of Torah] he’s an angel.

“He has the mind of a computer, focused and concentrated, he’s a treasure, a storehouse of Torah. He went through terrible, terrible suffering, and he’s a computer of Torah. Halavi (if only) I should understand everything he says. He’s not a person he’s got the mind of a computer.”

(In the video itself, Rav Dov Kook’s words have English subtitles, from minute #10 onscreen.)

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