Breaking news: Rav Berland is ‘released’ to the Hadassah hospital hotel

A visibly unwell Rav Berland being wheeled into court before his illness was diagnosed


Yesterday, April 3, 2017, the Israeli courts ruled that the Tzaddik and Gaon, Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita, should be ‘released’ to house arrest at the Hadassah hospital hotel, having now served two thirds of his prison sentence.

While the Hadassah hospital hotel is certainly better than being incarcerated in a penal facility, the terms of the Rav’s ‘release’ mean that he’s effectively still a prisoner for the next five months.

Below, we bring the main points of the Parole Board’s’ official ruling, freely translated from the original Hebrew:

1. The prisoner will abide by all the conditions of his release, as release stipulated by the law.
2. The prisoner will be released directly to the hotel next door to the Hadassah Hospital, and will be taken from door to door. Security company “Team 5” will act in accordance with the outline indicated in the document submitted to the parole board dated 04/02/17. The prisoner will bear all the expenses involved in staying at the hotel and will also pay for the security staff.
3. The prisoner’s stay at the hotel is agreed only under conditions of being under the strictest house arrest, and he will be accompanied by the security company “Team 5” 24/7. Any request by the prisoner to change the conditions of his stay at the hotel will require approval from the Parole Board.
4. The prisoner will abide by all of the conditions set out from this “new start”, beginning on 27/03/17 and submitted to the period until the end of the condition on 6:10:17……[There is more text here that is a technical discussion of when the Parole Board will meet again, to finalize the judgment, if the Israeli Police don’t try to appeal it in the meantime.]
5. The follow-up discussion will be held at Matiyahu Prison on 4/20/17 to monitor how the arrangement is progressing.
6. [The Parole Board is requesting a list of treatments Rav Berland requires, in order to ensure that his illness is being properly cared for, from now on, as part of his ‘new beginning’.] .After receiving the above table, the treatment meetings will be determined by the Commission, who will also need to agree each of the prisoner’s departures from the hotel, as part of his ‘new start’….
7. The prisoner will need to prove to the satisfaction of the Commission at the first ‘monitoring’ meeting on 20/04/17 that he took all necessary measures to ensure the safety of all the complainants in this case.
[Please note: There are no real complainants in this case, only malicious individuals that the Rav himself needs protecting from…]
8. The prisoner is warned that if he breaches the conditions of release, his request for early release could be cancelled. The prisoner cannot modify the conditions of his release without the approval of the Parole Board.
9. He’s allowed to be in telephone contact with his wife.
10. In light of the upcoming Passover holiday, it was made clear to the prisoner that he will spend Pesach only at the aforesaid hotel, and not anywhere else.
11. The minutes of the court’s discussion have been banned from being disclosed. Data from the decision relating to the prisoner’s medical condition will be deleted from the Court’s decision, and not be published.
[The Israeli police deliberately withheld timely treatment of the Rav’s illness, and they don’t want the public to know how cruelly they’ve been treating the elderly, 80-year-old tzaddik. Whoever heard of details like this being ‘expunged’ from official court records in a truly open democracy?]
12. The Committee wishes the prisoner success.
The prisoner cannot leave the country until 6:10:17, under Section 13 (d) (4) of the Act.
[This provision ensures that the Rav will be prevented from travelling to Uman for Rosh Hashana, 5778, which is part of the ongoing persecution against him.]
The Israeli Police have been given some time to appeal the Parole Board’s decision, as they have done on every other occasion when the Rav was freed unconditionally, only to be kept in prison by the corrupt Appeals Court. It’s hoped that the terms of the Rav’s ‘release’ are so harsh, and his health so precarious, that the Israeli Police will choose not to contest his ‘release’, this time around.
The Tzaddik of the generation is taking on so much suffering and hardship upon himself, for the sake of Am Yisrael.
The health of Rav Berland, shlita, is still precarious, and it seems as though he will have to undergo another surgery soon.
Please continue to pray for the refuah shleima and success of Rav Eliezer ben Ettia, shlita, and that the nation of Israel should truly be redeemed this Pesach.
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