Rav Eliezer Berland’s commentary on Megillat Esther: DOWNLOAD SAMPLE

Rav Berland's commentary on Megillat Esther - AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD


After the booklet by Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita, on shmirat enayim, or guarding the eyes, was received with so much enthusiasm, we are pleased to present the next publication in the series: Rav Eliezer Berland’s commentary on Megillat Esther.

This amazing commentary was compiled from recordings of Rav Berland on Purim throughout the years.

It would be such a shame to get to Purim without being properly prepared to reap the many spiritual fruits that are available on this most holy, awesome day.

Here, we bring a small taste of the Rav’s teachings on Purim, from the pamphlet, which you can download a sample of (IN HEBREW) below:

“He is Achashverosh, the king.”Megillat Esther

The Gemara explains that he made himself a king, even though he wasn’t actually a king, or even the son of a king. Rather, he was a lowly stable hand with no royal lineage or breeding. In the megillah, Vashti is referred to directly as ‘the Queen’:

“Also Vashti the queen made a feast for the women.”Megillat Esther

But Achashverosh? He really wasn’t a king at all.

And that could well have been the essence of the argument between them, that she would disgrace him day and night and belittle him by telling him that he wasn’t really a king, and that their entire marriage had only come about against her will. “You’re really not a king! But I am a daughter of kings!”

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Vashti always arrogantly lorded it over Achashverosh, because she thought she was ‘a daughter of kings’, and she felt that the royalty was all thanks to her. Not only that, the Chatam Sofer writes that she would say to him that: “The whole of your kingdom is only in my merit!”

Usually, the honor a man receives is in the merit of his wife. He has a house, and it’s all in the merit of his wife. And the mazal (good fortune) he has is also in the merit of his wife.

“He ruled over 127 nations.”Megillat Esther

Vashti says to Achashverosh that although he had the good fortune of ruling over 127 states, that really, it was her good fortune. “I’m the daughter of kings! I’m the great grand-daughter of Nebuchadnezzer, and the granddaughter of Evil-Merodach, therefore you only rule in my merit! All those 127 states, they’re all in my merit!”

(In truth, it was really in the merit of Sarah Imenu.)

We need to know where the story of Purim really begins. Everything begins from the holy forefathers. The 127 years of Sarah’s life were the root of the 127 states that Achashverosh ruled. In essence Sarah paved the path that everything will be handed over to Mordechai and Esther.

For the Refuah Shleima of Rav Eliezer ben Etya and L’ilui Nishmat Tzvi Ben Mosher Reuven
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