Rav Berland’s prayers for Rav Natan of Breslov’s yahrtzeit

The kever of Rav Natan of Breslov, in the town of Breslov, Ukraine

Rav Berland’s prayers for Rav Natan of Breslov’s yahrtzeit

First Tefillah

10th of Tevet

Master of the Universe, The Omniscient One, on the 10th of Tevet when the Holy Temple of Fire was supposed to come down to us, the yahrtzeit of Ezra Hasofer and Moharan, Rabbeinu Natan occurs.  This is when each and every one of us can merit being like Avraham, Yitzchak, Yaakov, Moshe, David, Aharon, and Yosef who will topple all the haters and enemies who are chasing Am Yisrael.

And please allow me the merit to be “truly as myself” and have the merit of doing miracles and wonders just like our holy Rabbeinu.  And May it be established upon me the verses, “For Hashem has compassion on Tzion and mercy on her ruins.  He will make its deserts like Eden and its plains like the Garden of Hashem.   Gladness and joy will be found in her midst, thanksgiving and the voice of song.”

“Rise up and have mercy upon Tzion for it is a time of grace; indeed its time has arrived.”  And with the merit of Machla, Noa, Chogla, Milka, and Tirtza, the daughters of Tzelaphchad – who has the awesome fear of Am Yisrael, and who gave over his soul regarding Shabbat and (also) that the Holy Temple shouldn’t be destroyed, and who wanted to be included amongst the Tree of Life, since on the 10th of Tevet it is possible to resurrect all the dead people and then Esther can enter Achashverosh’s house, and then all the judgments in the world can be sweetened.

And, “If your sins shall be darkened as crimson, they will be whitened as snow” is just like Hillel who was covered in three amot of snow, which is the measure of a mikvah, since Hillel himself was a pure mikvah which is three amot in height since the true tzadik is the three amot in height worth of snow that purifies all creations that want to truly return to repentance, since the true tzadikim, amongst them Rabbeinu and Moharan, Rabbeinu Natan are the two large luminaries in the sense of Sahar and Cheres, Chama and Levana, Sun and Moon.

And they can sweeten any judgement in the world, as it says, “[Ishtecha 721] Your wife [Kegefen 153] as a grape cluster [Poriah 301] which is very fruitful [=1,169] at the recesses of the house since a woman is in a sense a moon with regards to [Shnei Hameorot 653] the two luminaries [Shebara 303] which created [Elokeinu 102] by means of Mordechai HaYehudi [40 = 1,169] since on the 10th of Tevet we receive anew the Asseret Hadibrot, since on the 10th of Tevet Yiftach tried to slaughter his daughter until a Heavenly voice said, “Don’t put your hand on this lad {End of Abudraham, Lesson on Periods}.”

And then may we merit receiving the twelve stones of the [choshen] breastplate of the Kohen Gadol who returns to his work.  These are: [Odem] ruby, [Pitedah] emerald, and [Bareket] topaz; [Nophech] carbuncle, [Sapir] sapphire, and [Yahalom] quartz crystal; [Leshem] jacinth, [Shevo] agate, and [Achlama] amethyste; [Tarshish] chrysolite, [Shoham] onyx, and [Yashfeh] opal.

Second Tefillah

10th of Tevet

Since on the 10th of Tevet the ה  of Havaya is finished by means of the ten tribes who are intertwined with each other, with them being: Reuven, Shimon, Levi, Yehuda, Yissaschar, Zevulun, Dan, Naphtali, Gad and Asher which are included in the month of Tevet which is the month that is included in Netzach, Hod, Yesod of the Zeir Anpin, which is the middle latch that clasps one edge to the other since all work to elongate the י which will become ו since “And Moshe called Hoshea, Yehoshua,” and at the end of Parshat Devarim Yehoshua receives the second ו  which is the completion of the name of Yehoshua which is the acronym for “[Hakitzu] Arise [Veranenu] and rejoice [Shochnei Afar] sleepers amidst the dust.”

Since joining the two foundations, the foundation of Yesod D’vina Leah, Sod Achashverosh, Vesod Yesod Bina D’Malchut, Sod Yesod D’Rachel and when you join the two foundations together, this annuls the Kingdom of Idol Worshippers. This shall occur on the 10th of Tevet, just like the kingship of Haman was annulled for 70 days which holds weight against Cheshvan, Kisleiv, and the ten days of Tevet, since on the 16th of Nissan Haman’s kingship was annulled a moment before he needed to receive his rights to hang people as he wishes.

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And the nullification of the kingship of Haman on the 16th of Nissan was pulled from the strength of the 10th of Tevet of which it is said, “On this very day the King of Bavel set upon Yerushalayim; “On this very day” is referring to Yom Kippur since the 10th of Tevet is really like a Yom Kippur and would set Shabbat back if it happened to fall on it.

Since the power of the 10th of Tevet is drawn from Adam Kadmon, and since Adam Kadmon  is from the Atara D’Atara Besod, “And brought it to the head of Yosef and to the sanctuary of his brother’s brother,” since only Yosef merited Sod HaKadkod which is and with this power it is said of Gad, “And the prey of the arm was even Adam Kadmon D’Adam Kadmon to the ground???”

With the secret of his head is a gate that walks in its darkness for only by an illumination of the Holy One can one destroy all the guilty and it will be from the tribe of Gad that Eliyahu HaNavi shall emerge, of whom it is said, “And the prey of the arm was even to the ground,” since Binyamin is the arm, “And between his shoulders He dwells,” and therefore Eliyahu is also mentioned amongst Binyamin’s sons.

Since by means of the month of Tevet the connection between Rachel and Leah [= 274] annuls all the bareness in the world drawn from the bones of the impure being of Bilam the Wicked One and Balak his companion, which are together a gematria of 274, which is also the gematria of Arad=274.  By this means Hashem asks Iyov if he can leave the husks of Arod [274], “And the messages of Arod, who opened them.”

Third Tefillah

Master of the Universe, The Ominiscient One, on the yahrtzeit of Rabbeinu Natan, may his righteousness and holiness be for a blessing, [Zakeni El 31] El, may it be merited for me [Maleh 71] much [Rachamim 298] compassion to see Eliyahu [52] HaNavi [68]  [Zachur 233] whose remembrance [LaTov 47] shall be for goodness to see (him) face to face.  And may I fulfil the verse, “[Az 8] Then will Moshe and Bnei Yisrael sing this song to Hashem,” and may I merit during the yahrtzeit of Rabbeinu Natan, may his righteousness and holiness be for a blessing, to be a [Talmid 484] student, [Vatik 516] who is a veteran =[1,808] of our holy and awesome Rabbeinu.  And by this means may it come to be fulfilled by me what it says, “[Masarta 700] You gave over [Giborim 261], mighty ones [Bayad 16] to the hands of [Chalashim 388] weak ones, [Verabim 258] and many [Bayad 16] to the hands of [Meatim 169 = 1,808] a few.”

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