Rav Ofer Erez Shlit”a’s Holy Call for the Important Fundraising Appeal

The Rabbinic Council of the holy Breslov community of Shuvu Banim in a holy call for the important fundraising appeal.

Hundreds of families come to the Prayer Hall, and they don’t have a roof over their heads.  Prayer after prayer, day after day, they pray under the open sky, with only a small number of people managing to fit into the small Prayer Hall.

We’re discussing a holy community with minimal means, and this synagogue is among the few which doesn’t sell its aliyot [to read in the Torah].  As a result of their stressed financial situation, financial appeals aren’t being made from the community, and the funds are empty — there isn’t enough to maintain all the expenses of the Prayer Hall, and certainly not to make it suitable to the number of people praying.

We are turning to the public to help with the necessary expenses of electricity, cleaning, and the maintenance of the synagogue and Kollels of avreichim that are surrounding it.

The Prayer Hall is a center for hundreds of households.  Masses of people take part there in the morning Shabbat Kiddush and the Shabbat meals.  A place for coffee is open to the entire community for those who are learning and praying, and likewise there is a soup kitchen which provides meals for hundreds of members of the community.

The holy desire is to finish with the debts, and [to provide] for the continuing expenses, and to continue with the expansion of the synagogue with a building that is fitting for Torah and prayer.  Discussed are tremendous expenses just for the regular maintenance and operation.

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We bring the words of the tzaddik, Rav Ofer Erez shlit”a, in his holy call to join the fundraising appeal:

To the entire important community: there is a request from the people who dedicate themselves to all the activities, the activities in the Beit HaMidrash, with the shiurim, and with the entire medical concern of the Rav.

There is the possibility to contribute and, in doing so, to help with this entire operation, and there’s no need to mention the great importance of this.

Therefore, if this is through [one-time] donations, or through monthly donations — anyone who can act — may a blessing come upon him.

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