Rav Pinto: We are in the days of Moshiach

Rav Pinto speaking

New Message from Rav Pinto: These are the days of Moshiach

All of us understand that we currently in an incredibly meaningful period of time, laden with destiny; days that were awaited by all of the generations. Recently, Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, shlita, the head of the “Shuvu Israel’ institutions, and Av Beit Din of the Jewish community in Morocco, gave over another message, about what Am Yisrael can expect over the coming weeks and months.

Rav Pinto said:

“You should know, we are in the days of Moshiach – the yomim shel Moshiach!

We need to strengthen ourselves [spiritually], there will be hard times, and people will die.

After this, another period will begin, an earthquake.

A big Rabbi will die, and then there will be a war.

And after this, there will be Moshiach Tzidkaynu, our Righteous Redeemer.

Remember this!

Keep this recording safe – and remember this!”


You can hear Rabbi Pinto giving this message over in the original Hebrew in the video below:


*It’s not clear whether Rabbi Pinto literally means an earthquake, or is just using the expression that the ‘earth will shake’.

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  1. Everything the rabbi says is happening he said before the epidemic that there would be a big epidemic in the world. Then came the corona virus. He said there would be an earthquake, an earthquake in the Eilat area of ​​Israel. He said a big rabbi would die and the next day Rabbi Boron Bakshi passed away


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