Rav Salmanovitch: “We are mamash before geula. The exile is only going to continue for a few more moments.”

Rav Salmonovitz Breslov
Leading Breslov figure, Rav Yaacov Moshe Salmanovitch explains how geula and the persecution of Rav Berland are connected


Rav Yaacov Moshe Salmanovitch, shlita, is one of the leading figures in today’s Breslov community. Recently, he left a stirring message on the Breslov hotline where he spoke about the terrible, ongoing persecution of Rav Berland, and showed how the persecution is directly linked to the imminent geula, or redemption of the Jewish peole.

Rav Salmanovitch began:

“The Holy Zohar tells us that really, Hevel defeated Cain, even though he was killed by him. We have to try to understand: why didn’t Hevel kill Cain, once he realized that Cain wanted to harm him? But, there’s a very big secret here, because if Hevel would have killed Cain, then there certainly wouldn’t have been a [spiritual] revival, as a result.

“Hevel was the [spiritual] progenitor of Moshe Rabbenu, and also of the Levites, who didn’t sin and just kept busy with the Torah all the time. If Hevel would have killed Cain, then he wouldn’t have merited to have all this ‘good’ to come from him. Hevel was from the side of rachamim, mercy, and he needed to be merciful, so he had mercy on Cain, even though that he knew that Cain wanted to harm him.

“From here, developed the whole chain of rachamim, merciful [Tzaddikim], and Moshe Rabbenu was the most merciful one of all.”


Rav Salmanovitch continues: “From here, we can see that those who fight against the Tzaddik (Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita), who is the person who wants to bring the geula (redemption), they are from the aspect of those called the bnei nida, the ‘children of impurity’. In other words, these are people who have been caught by the power of tumah (spiritual impurity).

“For as long as a person doesn’t purify their heart, they still have a spiritually impure aspect, or side to them. And this spiritual impurity is what causes a person to go against the Tzaddik. 

“It’s like what our holy Rabbi, [Rebbe Nachman] said about those who came against him, and against those who were busy trying to make peace between the people of Israel and Hashem, the people who were really, mamash, trying to bring the geula (redemption). These people were called ‘desecrators of Hashem’s covenant’.

“By contrast, the pure behavior and actions of the Tzaddik is really showing us all just how holy and pure he really is,” continued Rav Salmanovitch.

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“Hevel also saw the ‘good point’ that was in Cain, because he knew that the souls that would ‘descend’, [spiritually], from Cain would contain holy sparks that would need to be clarified and rectified. Despite the fact that these souls would also contain so much ‘bad’, [he saw] it was possible to refine these souls, and to bring them back into the holiness of [the people of] Israel. this is exactly the holy behavior of Rav Berland, shlita, who I can’t really even begin to talk about.

“There hasn’t been a Tzaddik like this for many hundreds of years’ He’s doing such awesome avodat Hashem (holy work).

“This is the secret of: ‘The Tzaddik has mercy on Cain’, even though he can see that he could, in a manner of speaking, destroy the whole of the Jewish chareidi world. And here is where we really should cry out in mourning, because this whole terrible situation could have already been finished with more than 5700 years’ ago, but today with have no more time left for ‘Hevel’ (i.e. the true Tzaddik) to die, and for Sheth (Seth) to come after him again, etc.

“And so, Rav Berland, shlita, is doing what he’s doing, which is to say that he’s waking us up by asking us to pray, and to recite the Tikkun HaKlali (10 psalms known collectively as the ‘General rectification’), etc.

“Because we are really, mamash, before the geula, and the exile is only going to continue for mamash a few more minutes.

“We’ve already gone through many exiles and troubles, since the time we descended to Mitzrayim (Egypt) until today. There’s no more time for the exile and death of the evildoers. Hashem said to Avraham Avinu, ‘sit at My right’. It’s like He was telling him, ‘it’s not the Jewish way to shoot arrows and perform miracles, even though the earth itself turned into arrows and swords. Even so, God was telling Avraham to sit and learn Torah, and to pray.

“And also by the Rav Berland, shlita, we’ve seen awesome miracles and signs, which really don’t even surprise us, because we know just how much of a servant of Hashem he is, and how much he’s broken his nature [ego]. But, we mamash have also seen these things by Rav Berland, shlita, that he doesn’t try to take vengeance against, or to harm, the people who are persecuting him. Rather, he continues to sit and learn and teach Torah, with tremendous concentration.

“They continue to persecute him, while he, at the same time, continues teaching a Torah class on the Ketzot HaChoshen. He pays them no attention at all, and it doesn’t interest him in the slightest.

“He doesn’t engage in anything that isn’t directly connected to serving Hashem. There is a not a moment that passes that Rav Berland, shlita, is not completely immersed in the unity of Hashem. I was in the Rav’s room when he was in Beitar, during the most difficult years of the persecution, and opposite him he’d hung three holy names of Hashem. Throughout the whole class, Rav Berland kept his head between those three holy names. And if that wasn’t enough, he also kept his hands formed in the shape of Hashem’s holy name throughout the whole lesson – even when he was giving over a very deep Torah class!

“Rav Berland is not just the Rav of a community, he’s the Tzaddik of the generation, who is arranging the matters connected to bringing the geula.

“Already years’ ago, the Rav was crying out that we need to bring the whole of Am Yisrael back in teshuva (repentance). Our job is to help him complete the rectifications required for the geula.”

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